Woodshop Tools: Induction interest?


Hi all.
I’m interested in getting an induction on the planer thicknesser and the bandsaw in the wood shop and was asked to see if any other new members may also be interested. If you are could you please comment/reply to this message.



(Gabriel Camp) #2

im in ! :slight_smile:


Awesome, that’s two of us, not sure what the magic number is though, I guess we will find out.

(Mike Imelfort) #4

I’d like that too, but it depends on when you’re planning to do it. I’m pretty flexible hopefully it’ll work out

(Jared Dalrymple) #5

4 is usually the go to number from what I remember, If you get 4, let @devians know to see if you can schedule an induction.

(Garrett Mascelle) #6

Count me in, thanks

(Brendan Halliday) #7

At some point I’d like to be in on this too, depending on timing.


I reckon I’d be keen too.

(Hugh) #9

Keen to inducted for both as well

(Mike Guehrer) #10

Hi, I’m keen to get in on that!


I am in for all the inductions for the woodshop, inc jointer/thicknesser


Great stuff, looks like lots of interest, just waiting for @devians to work out a day/time

(Emily Taylor) #13

I’d also like to join!

(Zac Forrester) #14

I am keen to, I just have the thicknesses and planner (I think it is called) to go.

(Lara) #15

Me too, thicknesser/planer

(Simon) #16

I’m keen for both inductions too.

(Matt Anthon) #17

I would also love to get inducted

(Joshua Hogendorn) #18

Thats a huge amount of interest, wow.

I typically run classes at 4 at a time because any longer and the practical part of the inductions just take too long.

Table saw inductions take 2.5-3hrs depending on class, bandsaw (N4400) and thicknesser/planer (A3-31) are an hour each. The thicknesser requires you to have done the table saw class because we need you to understand kickback.

please note that due to previous classes not getting proper attendance we now charge a nominal fee for the class, which we currently provide back to you in the form of a ppe kit. I’ve made a survey to get some feedback on this.

I think what we will do is this:

  1. I’ll finish up the online kickback course and you can all complete it so that the table saw induction is shorter and the thicknesser doesnt have the requirement.
  2. I’ve created a doodle poll to get an indication of what times work for people so i can schedule classes https://doodle.com/poll/cvh6rhvhtbihtuag
  3. I’ve created a survey to get some feedback on induction ticket costs: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/6JHSJH6
  4. Once the poll is done (I’ll let it run till thursdayish) we will schedule the classes in eventbrite and post links here. first come first served.

(Al) #19

Hey mate, I’m keen for all of them too…

(Joshua Hogendorn) #20

Please remember to fill out the surveymonkey survey as well as the doodle timepoll