Woodshop Tuesday 30th June

Woodshop Wednesday meetup, I have some schedule conflicts so lets hang out this Tuesday instead!

We have all the parts to build blast gates and maybe even get some items plumbed in, so lets get at it. I think the only thing we need to figure out is an appropriate glue for the blast gate to coupler connection. liquid nails? silicone? feedback welcome and i’ll get some stuff on the way in.

Might be good to get some switches for the blast gates as well, anyone have strong opinions what might be good there? Jaycar has some nice illuminated ones with dust protection for $5-10 each.

Tuesday’s good for me.

This Round Red IP65 Push button with a screw collar for mounting might do the trick

Illumination all seems to be 12V, is that the voltage for the actuators as well?

The plan was to run 24v over the line and drop it to 12v at each gate with some cheap voltage converters i have.

Heres another one jaycar sells, little bit cheaper: https://www.jaycar.com.au/spst-led-illuminated-paddle-switch/p/SK0964

I think either are good. The other rocker dust covered ones are 240v illuminated it seems.

I have in the past carefully removed the top of a red rocker switch and changed out the reisistor so the led would work for 12v DC instead of the rated 240v. So that is a option if the switch suits the purpose.

I would be tempted to use liquid nails or some construction adhesive like that. I have some liquid nails(diferrent brand, same thing) we could use.
I’ll be there tomorrow! What time?