Woodshop Working Bee 8th March

Day: Sunday 8th March
Time: 10am till we run out of go

Hi All, woodshop will be having a working bee this sunday before i head off overseas for a bit. We have a variety of goals in the shop at the moment and it would be great to all work together so we can knock some of them out.


  • General clean and tidy up
    • Pull benches out from walls, vaccum, pickup detritus etc
    • Assess any items floating around the shop
    • Assess materials stored in shop
    • Find homes for anything ‘floating’ like brooms etc.
    • Securing things like stray power lines
    • General maintenance of the power catenary, perhaps implementing a second one.
  • Continue the emptying of the mdf shelves
    • Powertools into cleated holders on the back walls.
    • A home for all jigs
    • Assess new homes for left over items
  • Dust extraction!
    • Focus on getting a central island all plumbed in
      • Table Saw
      • Bandsaw N4400
      • Thicknesser Planer A331
      • Router Table
    • Wire and compressed air along the main duct runs, ground wire, cat5, 6mm pressure line.
    • Any continued runs needed
    • End capping any unused branches
    • Last mile builds for machines
    • Adapting the extractor to the main bus and external connection of bus to container.

Thats a lot! But its good to list out a heap of stuff and see how far we get. Hope to see you there! We will also be going around the shop and figuring out what pre-work and supplies we will need this tuesday, so come along and help get in on the planning also.

Tight deadline, but do we have what we need to complete these tasks?

I believe we have all the supplies needed, excluding these specific things:

  • Grounding wire
  • Some specific 3d prints
    • An angle adapter for the existing coupler for the a331
    • Some little clips i designed to help the wire runs which are nonessential.
    • More reducers, although these do not need to be 3d printed, its just a nice result.
  • Anything that we’re not aware of may be needed for doing last mile stuff for a machine, but should be solvable by a bunnings run.
  • Switches for actuating blast gates, could use anything.

We may not have enough 6mm compressed air line, I think we have 50m, see how we go.

Personaly. I would love it if we could secure the power cables so they are out of the water when it floods.

I have a bunch of those nail wire clips so we can definitely do that.

One more goal:

  • Installing an egress button on the main door.

We dont have any supplies for this as of yet so if someone can own it and grab whatevers needed from jaycar that would be tops. Just a couple of dc jacks (m/f), a box and a big button (NC).

I have a button, not sure about the switch block mount yet.

Quick timelapse of some of the work done today.


Just wanted to take a moment to say thankyou to everyone who came and helped out at the working bee.

  • Richard
  • Tim
  • Paul
  • Vish
  • Murray
  • Dan

We really knocked it out of the park, the shop is far cleaner, we have lots more space, and we are a massive step forward with the dust extraction project where it is now pulling air through the system.

I’m excited to continue this momentum in April when I return!

Thanks again to all.