Woodworking donation meeting

We have received a generous donation from Jon Sanchez. Most of the machinery are woodworking tools which are redundant and our machines are better.
We are keeping the table saw because the woodworking team wants to see how that setup would work.

I would like to have an open meeting this tuesday 6pm to discuss what to do with the machinery.
It would be nice some to have some representative from the executive. Everybody is invited to come.

My proposal would be:

  1. determine the price used/new for the machinery.
  2. sell it as is through facebook market/gumtree. Allow for a discount to active members.
  3. use the money to fund capex projects.

Here’s a rough list of what we have been given:

Woodworking items: 14" Bandsaw, planner/thicknesser, 10" table saw, pedestal drill, morticer, cement mixer, dust collector. Bar the mixer items are all Axminster Uk branded items (Carbatec equivalents).