Woodworking joinery bench

My plan is to build a small joinery bench to allow me to do smaller hand-tool projects at home. It’s not a unique thought - just google ‘joinery bench’.
The top needs to be solid hardwood - reclaimed 2x4s from [https://www.eastsidesalvage.com/] and thick enough to support hold-downs and bench dogs.

Initial layout of bench - need more lumber!

The threads for the Moxton type face fence are dumbbell bars cut in half…

Re-arranged the layout of the top and drilled 19mm dog holes…

Glued up! Suprisingly heavy (which was one of the goals).

The front apron, onto which the dumbells are attached, is carriage-bolted to the front of the glued-up top.

The base is 70mm pine with through mortice and tenons. The tenons are handsawn. The mortices are drilled out and hand finished.

The whole base is dry-fitted (mostly - the mortice and tenons are very tight - I end up fettling them all before the glue up.

Glue up of the legs was a bit chaotic. Since there are only two rails running left-right, keeping the legs square was a bit tricky…

Flattening the top with a scrub and smoothing plane. Took a while, but it’s now plenty flat enough to work.

Now in a position to take home and finish with some danish oil.

First oil. I will rub down and do one more layer before bolting the top to the base (the base also received danish oil.

Almost ready for Ian’s woodworking nook at home!

Done! Can now put it to work…