Woodworking Tooling

Hey guys,

Just thought I’d post up a bit of an update on the woodshops tool collection and get some input on the prioritising of future tools.

Big Tools.

  • Red Table Saw. Functional, cabinet is 95% complete. Saw insert needs levelling to top. Rear panel behind insert needs securing and routing to allow usage of sleds/etc. Fence is usable.
  • Black Table Saw. Functional, table is 75% complete. Fence is usable, bent front rail has been replaced. New fence in the process of being organised. Saw frame needs tying into the table frame after leveling with completed top.
  • Green Table Saw. Non-functional. No cabinet. To be sorted after move.
  • Mitre Saw. Functional, mitre station 75% complete. Slow progress on station. Storage for standard workshop power tools above red drawers, additional drawers added under the same end thanks to @Boo for them.
  • Big Lathe. Functional. Workstation usable at the moment. Tool holders need mounting.
  • Pencil Lathe. Non-functional. Workstation needs assembling. Live centre needs making.
  • Planer/Jointer. Functional, but in an unsafe state to be used. Drive belt needs guard, cutter head needs spring loaded guard. Still to be sorted.
  • Medium Band Saw. Functional.
  • Drill Presses. One Functional on pedestal, one extra. Both serviced and re-bearinged. Extra one will probably be donated to another area.
  • Planer Thicknesser. New thicknesser purchased. Blades will need replacing in the near future due to wear.

Power Tools.

  • Circular Saws. Both functional. Green one needs some love re blade to base alignment. Will be serviced before move.
  • Jigsaws. Functional. A couple have been donated.
  • Sanders. Orange one still functional, blue one was worn out so disposed of. A couple of detail sanders have been donated.
  • Router. Functional. Router table on wheels in the process of being made, approx 75% complete.

Hand Tools.

  • Planes. Both now in good condition. Rusty one has been stripped down, cleaned up and painted. Both have been sharpened.
  • Screwdrivers. Lots, damaged ones have been disappeared.
  • Chisels. Lots. Some still need to be sharpened. Primary use ones on tool rack beside entry.
  • Mallet. One Hammer of Thor in workshop. Two smaller ones have been made, one filled with lead for extra whackiness.
  • HSS Drill Bits. Lots in various sizes. Need sorting into their storage case and inspecting for damage.
  • Brad Point Drill Bits. Various sizes. Need inspecting for damage and storage sorted.
  • Router Bits. Various sizes and styles. Need sorting and storage sorted.
  • Clamps. Scott (I don’t know his user name sorry) has been kind enough to loan us several clamps, woodshop also has a small selection now too. Still more to be bought. How do you know you’re a woodworker? You never have enough clamps!

The To Get List.

  • Clamps. Multiple sizes and styles to be purchased. Smaller F clamps, Sash Clamps and Bar Clamps are all on the list. They’ll probably be bought in increments rather than as a large batch as we could easily spend $1k on clamps and almost have enough.
  • Additional work benches. The massive full sheet sized one is great, but there’s been a few times where it would have been handy to have another two or three smaller ones as well. One option is to build 2 of 600 x 1200 and 1 of 1200 x 1200 bench (another full sheet size total between the three) and make them maneuverable around the workshop. I’m keen to hear peoples input though.
  • More hand planes. A few more. We don’t need hundreds of them, but a couple of the standard sizes would make finishing projects a bunch easier, especially with the greater number of members of the space.
  • Oscillating spindle sander. One of these is up for voting on.
  • Disc Sander. Easy to build, it’s just all about how ridiculously big we want to go with the sanding face. 15" is easily achievable.
  • Sander Thicknesser. Parts currently being sourced for the build. Looking at a quick change drum mechanism to easily swap between different grades of paper.

Righto, thought? Comments? Stuff I have missed? Stuff which could potentially be useful?


I’ve edited the original post.

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