Working Bee 27/09/2020 planning

To save a bit of time and effort on the day, I’m going to layout our to-do list from the last meeting, break it down, and get some feedback on what’s critical and what are stretch goals.


  • Learn how to Wiki (How formatting is achieved)
  • Learn how to use the tool template
  • Update each Craftpunk tool page (We currently have 15 of those)
  • Find documentation for each tool and upload a copy to the wiki

MSDS sheets

  • Go through what’s in the room and make a list of all the products
  • Brainstorm likely products members could bring in, and add to the list
  • Google each product for it’s MSDS
  • Print out the MSDSs, put into the Craftpunk MSDS binder


  • Take out everything Craftpunk has stored in the Stockroom (Mostly on the first rack when you walk in)
  • Identify what to keep
  • Find space in the Craftpunk room for kept items. Possibly reuse one of the shelves in the rack, if space can be made? Maybe a donations box that gets cleared every six months?
  • Identify any other items in the room that can be added to the Craftpunk Boneyard

Tool stations

  • Reassess space requirements for sewing machines
  • Check that tooling is in working order
  • Check that tooling has necessary basic consumables, make a list of missing consumables
  • Set a date for the next tool check

My opinion is that getting the Boneyard sorted and the wiki class done are most important, particularly since I just had a go at doing the dremel page and couldn’t work out how to get the template, let alone start working out how to update it for a particular tool!

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Great To Do list! And I completely agree. I think the first two priorities are getting the wiki looking good and sorting the Boneyard.

I have a notion of starting to collate the MSDSs and printing them tomorrow night. See how far I get. Does Craftpunk have a MSDS Binder? If not I have some underutilised clear plastic sleeve folder things I can press into service.

Ho-okay! Working Bee is done for today!

  • We learnt the basics of how to wiki!
  • We worked on the button maker, vacuum pump and embroidery machine pages!
  • We got the Boneyard moved/organised/sorted!
  • We had a fun time!

Notes for next time

  • Wiki-ing takes a fair bit longer than assumed, Brendan and I arrived at 11, it’s 5 now, and I still haven’t completed filled out the embroidery page.
  • Something that was forgotten (by me): For the embroidery machine, we need to register the software, it’s a one-off activation code, so I was thinking we use the laptop in Craftpunk and laminate a sign for it to announce that it’s the laptop with the right software? It would also need a dedicated storage spot as a result.

Maybe the laptop could live on a shelf with the manuals?

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Great things accomplished! Yay Us!!