Working Bee.6/8/16

Ok humans of HSBNE.

The woodwork room is in a shambles, every time i set foot in there it just seems like too big of a job for me to tackle alone.
Anyone willing and able to help with an almighty clean up is welcome to come along on Saturday 6/8/16 and grab a broom, move something or sort.

i would like to get some of the tools operating better and maybe a couple of stations too.
if someone would like to purchase the linked items i will approve them from the woodwork budget.

@Thermoelectric could you please have a look at the green table saw and test the motor please.

I also need someone handy in the machine shop to do a couple of repairs.

See you then.



Just so happens I bought the thicknesser blades today. They don’t stock them in Brisbane so they’re being posted from Sydney. $12 postage.

I’ll have a look at the saw when I get a chance. If you’re going to have much scrap wood we can get the burn barrel going again too.


I’m in for this.

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The event is up!

Thanks one and all for your help today.
Hopefully this will we can keep it up and get the woodshop back on track.

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