Working Bee Adventures!

Next Working Bee - the suggestion is to have another working bee on Saturday, October 5 Noon - 3pm. This lines up with the next Open Day. How does this work out for people? I know a few can make it.
It would make for a few Saturday working bees in a row. If Sunday would allow for more people to come along then we can talk about that.
Please let advise your availability for this weekend. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Saturday Working Bee After checking around we’ll go with continuing the refurb of Craftpunk on Saturday from 10am till we run out of steam. (Probably about 3pm). Look forward to it!

Well Done Us!! The Craftpunk room is coming along very nicely after today’s working bee. Big thanks to all who helped out, and those who sent positive vibes.
Remember it’s still a work in progress and there are still proper work benches to source and layout to tweak.