Working bee - Destructo time #2 - 30 Sept

Gotta keep the ball rolling… (thanks for all the help so far).
This time we will be taking down the store room inside the woodshop.
(better damn well be easier than the concrete wall)
Need to move some of the items out of the way… remove some electrics.
Anyone who has some time and is willing to put in a bit of muscle it would be appreciated.

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Well, had a lot of fun last time, even if some muscles don’t think so.

I’ll mark this in my diary tentatively, and will confirm closer to the date. Probably will do the same trick getting there early and see what small jobs can be started, as I think that worked well.

Can’t wait to join in

Unsure if anyone else besides @Redhatter is going to come in today.
With only two of us and without though access to members storage and the Key to the woodshop store room I may end up cancelling the working bee for some future date.
Will update in an hour.