Working Bee for Craftpunk

6th of February 2021 from Noon onwards

Come along from noon on Saturday 6th Feb and help make Craftpunk the amazing cause you want it to be.

On the To-do List

  • Wiki Completions - a lot of our tool pages are underway, and a couple are even complete! But there’s still some work to be done.
  • Discussing ideas for the new room layouts.
  • Labels and signage that needs to be updated so all our cool tools are easy to find and to put away safe again.
  • Any other job you see needs doing and fires your passion.

Why not check out the Trello and see what needs doing?Craftpunk Trello

Looking forward to hanging out! :slight_smile:

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Only One Sleep Away!
Craftpunk Working Bee. Noon onwards.

Small but potent outcomes from the working bee today. @Pommygirl finished the wiki for the overlocker, and we ran what I like to think of as a proof of concept trial of the new vacuum chamber.

Success all round!