Working Bee this weekend

Theres a whole mess of stuff that needs doing over the next few weeks. Not improvements or “nice things to do”, theres masses of shit to be moved around, sorted, binned or taken home.

Theres been lots of talk of us losing space over the last 3-4 months, the reality of that is now upon us. We need to GTFO of the areas we no longer own. Officially, as of Dec 1st, we need to have vacated the boneyard building, and the 3 rooms at the wood working end of the big shed.

This weekend and next will be the last chances before christmas rolls around so we need to knock this off now.

The list of stuff includes;

  • First things first, empty all the bins around the entire space.
  • Put shelving and if possible, lighting, in the new boneyard. We’ll be using some of the old boneyard rack shelving, and some racking from the end of the big shed.
  • Dump runs.
  • Move the Boneyard.
  • Move the Machine Shop - Gotta get the mill and big lathe over into the big room of the big shed.
  • Move Woodworking.

Im thinking, given how stinking hot it is at the moment, we start about 2 and work into the night. If people want to start earlier and deal with it, I can provide instructions ahead of time.

This is urgent stuff all. We need to get on this ASAP. Ill be in Fri, Sat, Sun. The more the merrier. There will be dinner, drinks and all that jazz on Saturday and Sunday.


I get back on friday. Will try to free up some time to get in that afternoon.

Otherwise i will be up after work on Saturday

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It’s unfortunate that Supanova is also on this weekend, as myself and a few others won’t be able to make this working bee :frowning:


Clint and I can come and help out on Sunday morning.


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Are most people out at lunch?

Before the weekend:

Today at 4PM:


So is this an ongoing task this week or is it all over?

We mostly need to have things out of the areas we’re losing by Dec 1st, so it’ll be continuing in bits.