Working Bee this weekend!

Hey everyone, working bee is this weekend!

We’re putting together a general list of projects and tasks that we’d love to see finished. If each of the teams could make sure their tasks are in the working bee taskade page for Saturday, this way we can smash through the list together!

The working bee starts at 10am, and goes until 5pm and we’ll proved lunch at around the halfway mark.

See you on Saturday!

Alyssa does the taskade cover all activities for the day or do some teams have theirs in respective team folders? I’m trying to get a sense of what is on in full for the day so I can arrange my commitment.

Hi Michael, it looks like it is a mix. If you go to the “Site” taskade folder, you’ll see a working bee specific list. But I know CraftPunk has an item or two to be worked on, so they may be in their folder.

There should be plenty to do though!

I’ve just gone in and added to the working bee taskade.

The eternal problem with taskade persists. People dont use it and keep it up to date or work or report on the things in it. And so we keep re-making the same lists of the same tasks to get done. IE all the jobs in the working bee project exist throughout the rest of taskade as their own set of tasks. I guess the problem is a lack of ownership.

Probably a better way to do working bee stuff is to

a) Get people to take ownership of taskade sections
b) Use taskade in meetings to report on progress and change
c) Use hashtags or similar in taskade to allocate things to working bees

My two cents.

Taskade is a different animal. We decided to use Taskade to keep track of the jobs and being able to assess what teams were doing and what not. I think that the idea has a good spirit, but like many other software, its implementation in a workgroup is complicated. We can try to keep talking about this, but since the system is not working 100%, it is probably best not to rely other events on this system (eg: the working bee).

If we want to keep doing the working bee, we might benefit from simply having a forum post where teams and general membership can talk about what needs to be done in the following working bee. The forum should be created the day the last working bee was done (today), that gives you a whole month to talk about it.
Forums are the official mean of communication, everybody should have access to it, and they are good enough for this purpose.
If you have a couple of people who would like to help to do chores on a random Saturday, maybe asking them to have to coordinate all their work through a different platform is too much to ask. I can understand that Taskade has its benefits, but the reality is that none of Taskade or the working bee is providing any value.

I’d suggest let’s keep it simple and make the working bee more of a cultural event where we can meet, improve the space in any way we can and grow as a community.