Working Bees

There has been a lot of talk (and a reasonable amount of progress) on the ‘upgrade’ of the woodshop.
That being said there is still a lot of work to be done.
Me being a planner (its what i do), I thought i would outline the next lot of working bees and what needs to be done for them to occur.

1. Table saw cabinet (for all the table saw parts and tools)

  • Needs a ‘craftsman’ to lead the activity. I’m happy to organize this, make sure all the supplies are ready, provide food… but I don’t have the knowledge and skills to make something like this (at least decent) or lead others.
  • Two/three volunteers at most to help out.
  • Can be done at any time

2. Container
Josh is leading this, but I thought I would outline a number of items that need to occur.

  • Approval to put container at rear (and to take down fence for access)
  • Purchase and organize delivery
  • Working bee to cleanup rear of woodshop/metalshop - demolition of concrete surround. (need an electrician to deal with the power going to the compressor).
  • Delivery of container
  • Working bee to move compressor and dust extractor into container (need electrician to hook up power).
  • Needs to be a natural order, preferably so that the down time of the compressor system is not long.

3. Dust Extraction System (Phase 1).

  • This one is on me to design/work out the supplies need for phase 1 (manual gates). I have been working on this and will propose a plan in the near future.
  • Working been to install piping (happy to lead this one)
  • Doesn’t need to be done until the container is setup, but can be done at any time.

4. Main Benches
We have approval to purchase the materials for which I believe Josh is following up on?

  • Needs a couple ‘craftsman’ to lead the activity. I’m happy to organize this, make sure all the supplies are ready, provide food… but I don’t have the knowledge and skills to make something like this (at least decent) or lead others.
  • 5-6 volunteers minimum (Welders?) to help out.
  • Can be done once materials have been organised

5. Removal of Storage room

  • Awaiting approval from owners to remove the room. Josh?
  • Working bee to demolish the room. I’m happy to organize this unless someone else will take ownership (volunteers?)
  • 5-6 volunteers minimum
  • Can be done once go ahead has been given.

Have I missed anything? Who is willing to lead some of these. It cant all be Josh.
I will organize and plan anything that needs to be done (where I can) and I will turn up to help. But we need some people to lead the build activities. The sooner we can get all this done the sooner we have a great shop.


Thanks for the summary!! At this stage I’ll be available to be labour manually this saturday (17th) for the majority of the morning/afternoon, if there are any space improvements that need an extra set of hands.

I too probably don’t have the skills to take the lead on a project on that list, but happy to lift/hold/move things and just generally be helpful.

Thanks for the offer.
Nothing planned for this weekend.
Only the Table Saw cabinet can be done at the moment, as the other tasks require permission or materials before we can proceed.

I will post up proposed date for the Table saw cabinet once someone commits to leading it.
Otherwise the other activities will progress when we have a way forward.

First up, I love this thread and I’m really thankful for your contributions lately @ltp, so thankyou.

The latest from my end is that the landlord sent our request to the facilities manager, who requested some clarification, which I provided, and he’s come out and had a look at the proposed areas and he’s sent that back to edq and we’re waiting on the response there at the moment. I’m hoping we will have a response this coming week. This is both for the container and the removal of the room.

So my own thoughts:

  1. Yes the material is there its just down to whomever comes up with plans and time to do it first.
  2. As above, once we have approval we’ll look more seriously at the market and the works required to install it.
  3. Its down to you @ltp and @nogthree to drive what you guys need there, great work so far from what I’ve seen.
  4. We have budget and some plans. I’m going to try and solidify that all this weekend (flat chat with work atm) so we can buy materials and look at a working bee in perhaps a fortnight.
  5. As above

Things potentially missed:

Future tooling for the space we’ve been talking about:

  • Another table saw for dados
  • Getting the new radial arm saw installed etc once we have new benches
  • A from-the-store disc sander
  • A belt sander
  • A bobbin sander
  • A planer/thicknesser
  • A bigger bandsaw
  • A more solid router table solution

Furniture wise not mentioned above is:

  • The tool trolleys for under the new benches once we know whats going on there.
  • Some kind of outfeed table that will combine the current saw, a potential new saw, and the router mount.
  • A Laminated beam table with vices etc for handwork (see jay bates and others) (kind of waiting for more room once we remove that room)

Outstanding broken things / repairs at the moment:

  1. The second lathe needs a motor and controller etc
  2. The disc sander needs to be finished, does anyone know what happened to the velcro pad i bought for it?
  3. The table saw scribing blade adjustment needs to be fixed.
  4. We need a little bit of tube for the scroll saw to blow dust away.

Outstanding minor purchases:

  • Table saw blades are still approved to buy but we need to figure out what exactly we want.

Outstanding random tasks:

  • We need a cause operating document as per the new policy
  • We need to update our section in the wiki
  • I want some people to get trained up to run saw inductions so its not just me.
  • Need to figure out that consumable list properly as well.

This kind of turned into a brain dump, but thats kind of where we’re at and the things people can help and work on :slight_smile:

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