Working on the giant CNC thing this week(Tues and Wed)

Hey Guys,

Thought I’d make a separate thread to the build log to say if anyone is bored over the next two days and looking for something to do I’m going to attempt to do a big push to finally get this thing moving.

At the moment I’ve hit a wall at getting the motors to do what I tell them to do so a fresh set of eyes may help spot what I’m missing.

Also what I want to accomplish is:

  1. Run end stop wires all the way into the control box nicely.(x and y 90% there but Z only 50%)
  2. Add 24V DC system to the main control area for Brake bypass system and cooling fans.
  3. Run wires and mount the Spindle that was donated and find the size of collets we need to get for it.
  4. Create list of what needs still to be done after the two days.

I should be able to get out to the space from about 10am both days. If you don’t know what I look like and want to help I’ll be the tall grumpy bearded man out by the giant cnc machine. If you think you don’t know enough to help you are most likely incorrect you just need to be able to hold a screwdriver for the most part.


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Going by my experiences this weekend, able to wield a screwdriver and avoid
streams of water is probably in the spec.

I won’t be able to help out those two days but I’ll be glad to throw in
help when I can. Great work on what you’ve done so far mate :slight_smile:

Hey anyone turning up. Running quite late but should be there before 2

I am super super keen to get that thing working man. Soon as the entrance way is complete, that’ll be my next focus I think.