Workshop Equipment Audit

I would like to know what is owned by the Space, and what is owned by members. We have some new equipment arriving tomorrow, and it is very likely we will end up with a lot of doubles.


CIG Transmig 350 - HSBNE
Unimig w/ Remote - Dave Thomson (?)
Red Gasless MIG - @rut4ger
Blue Stick Welder - ?
Old Stick Welder on wheels - @Philthy (?)
Yellow/blue TIG - HSBNE
Red TIG - @manbox
Oxy Set - HSBNE
Large MIA MIG - @Thermoelectric
Weldarc 300 Stick - @Thermoelectric
Uniplas 50/80 - @Thermoelectric


New Green Lathe - HSBNE
Ol’ Faithful - HSBNE
Huge Lathe - James Bowler (to be sold)
Red Lathe - HSBNE


Pacific FTV-2 - HSBNE
Combination Drill/Mill - @Eris


Hulk - HSBNE
Smaller DIY CNC - @Sven2
Sheet Router - HSBNE


Busted One - HSBNE


Grey with belt/wheel - HSBNE (takes 610x50 belts)
Green with belt only - HSBNE (takes 915x50 belts)


Green Hot Saw - HSBNE (355x25.4 cutting discs)
Horizontal Bandsaw - HSBNE
Vertical Bandsaw - HSBNE
Huge 3 Phase Hot Saw - @Thermoelectric (takes 400x25.4 cutting discs)


Kiln - HSBNE
20 Tonne Press - HSBNE
Black Pipe Bender - HSBNE
Red Pipe Bender - HSBNE
3x Milwaukee Angle Grinders - HSBNE (take 5" discs/wheels)
Huge Angle Grinder - HSBNE (takes 9" discs/wheels)


-All belong to HSBNE if not in Eris’ or Karl’s toolbox.

If you can let me know anything I am missing, this would be great.

Yellow/blue TIG - HSBNE
Red TIG - @manbox!!!

Green with belt only - HSBNE

Green Hot Saw - HSBNE

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Tiny red lathe =hsbne. Tube benders red set ??? tube benders black set???

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Tube benders red set - HSBNE
tube benders black set - HSBNE