World Science Festival 2017 - Volunteers Needed!

Hi Team!

We need to put together a roster for WSF coming up next weekend on the 25th-26th! If you have a blue card, it would be great if you could put yourself down for a shift here. We need at least four volunteers for each day, and someone to take the gear back to the space on Sunday. We can rotate shifts for a lunchbreak and to check out the festival. @Lysa @pelrun @nogthree @buzz @Timtim @wixted @boo @riumplus @jabelone @crofty
New members, feel free to chip in on this one!

The event itself will run between 10AM-4PM on both Saturday and Sunday. Volunteers to arrive at 8AM for set up and pack down to occur between 5PM-6PM. To arrive, you can either use public transport to get to the cultural centre or pay $15 for parking at the State Library.

Next Tuesday we’ll have a quick volunteer meeting at 7PM in the classroom to make sure we have everything together ready to go and pick out some HSBNE display items to take. @DreadPirateRobinson, Are you interested in having your glorious bubble foam machine build on display at the event? We just need to send through machine dimensions, power requirements and shapes used to have it approved for display if you’re keen.

If anyone has any ideas for kits to sell at WSF, post below. We’ll have bulk kits in for GoldNova, but not in on time for WSF.

Here’s a map of where our stall is at Southbank. Looks like we’re in a similar spot to last year!

Looking forward to an awesome weekend!

So for us newbies who would like to volunteer. What’s a blue card, and where do we get one?

I can do Sunday. (and have a blue card.) Will probably not be able to make the 7PM meeting though.

And for those who don’t mind a bit of a walk. King George Square has $5/day parking on the weekend.

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I seem to have been @buzz tagged for this, however I do not have a blue card, and will not be involved as i have other comittments. just to clear that up.

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You can check out my previous WSF post here to organise one, but you’ve missed the time window to get one in the mail. Feel free to fill it out and get one for next time! It’s a background check to certify you can work with U18’s.

Just fixed the access to the roster - You should be able to get in now!

Is the meeting stiĺl on?

Hey @catprog and @Lysa! After today, we’ve found we don’t need to be at the stall until 9.00AM (rather than 8.00AM). We’ve also ploughed through all our kits in the first day, things were really busy. We’ll be transitioning to an info-based stall tomorrow, so it would still be great to have your help. See you then!