WTB Mosfet for servo control

Hello guys.
i would want to try and fix my servo in RC car that died recently.
It looks like one of the mosfet went to silicon heaven.
I can read those markings:

Would anyone have idea what i need?
I searched ebay and i can buy some 4803 mosfets there, but they are in bulk and i need just none and with recent kerbside collection i was forced to throw away all my “spare” stuff, where i would be able to source it.

Can someone help?


Buying one of small bits is hard, you could try combing through the Boneyard, or Reverse Garbage have random parts. After that, I would be googling local RC groups and asking for pointers.

+1 for the boneyard. In the boneyard from time to time there have been a few RC toys like helicopters and the odd car/truck. As Emily mentioned, there might be a suitable one that could be stripped from a similar device in there.

Give me some detail on what the 4803 MOSFET is. I can have google tell me it is several different things.

I may have a suitable replacement here OR I can sneak one into my next digikey order for you.

thank you mate, i will try to desolder some bits so i can take a picture.
Only thing i was able to read so far are those numbers i posted.

SO8 Dual P Channel


Looks like the one. I’ll pop a few in my order I am making tomorrow morning

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thank you, highly, highly appreciated.

Your fets are here. What location are you? I am Springwood if you feel like a trip to pick them up and not wait.

awesome, thank you
im located Carina/Fortitude Valley.
Unfortunately wife flies today to Europe and leaves me home with small kid, so i wont be mobile for a week.