WTB/Rent Props for an Apocalyptic Theatre Show

Hi everyone! My name is Brodie Greenhalgh (from Share House Theatre Company) and I am directing/producing a theatre show in November called “Motor-mouth & Suck-face: An Apocalyptic Love Story”. The show has zombies being killed with various garden equipment, so I am looking for a few key props. Interested in buying/renting or sponsoring an in-kind donation for the project (like free tickets, mention in the program etc).

Things I am looking for include:

1 x Chainsaw (chain will have to be removed for safety on stage).
1 x Totem Tennis Pole (without ball attached).
1 x Leaf Blower (Doesn’t need to work)
1 x Victor Lawn Mower (Doesn’t need to work and without blades for safety on stage).
1 x Metal Cage to fit the parents in. (Maybe 2m squared? Happy with whatever can fit two humans in but preferably with a door).
1 x Toy Tellie-tubbie.
20 x Wooden pallets to make up the backdrop.
25m x Fairy Lights
1 x Projector
1 x Screen for Projector
1 x Wooden Model House (Can be constructed basically. Is there anyone that could help with that?).
5 x Old school flip or slide phones.
1 x Wooden Picnic Table (sturdy enough to have people sit and stand on).
25 x 1x1m Green Fake Turf.

Thanks for giving this a read, if you’ve made it this far. I’m really excited about bringing some blood, violence, zombies, pop-culture and all things geek to the stage. If you would like to get in contact with me for any reason send me a message on FB or email sharehousetheatreco@gmail.com

Hope everyone can make it to the show! Welcome to the best ‘end of the world’ party ever!


Hi, I’m a prop maker/set builder. I’m actually looking for opportunities to build my portfolio, so would be happy to help you out with finding and building the things in your list. You can PM me here and I’m at hackerspace every Tuesday from 8:30pm.
(Particularly interested in the model house. I did a degree in architecture just because I liked building model houses)

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Hi Meka

Amazing! Would love to chat further! Hopefully we can meet soon or chat on

Kind Regards,

Brodie Greenhalgh

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