YAG Laser: Control PC

This thread is for discussion and updates around the YAG Laser Control PC.

Someone needs to own the tasks around getting the control pc managed to suit us. I’ll update this topic with tasks shortly.

A quick rundown:

We don’t want to touch or mess with the existing pc much. @Eris took an image of the HDD and thats about it so far. So things to do:

  • Install a second pc (nuc) and screen/kvm so we can have fusion or whatever on there without messing with the control pc
  • Install some kind of freezing software on the control pc so people cant mess with it. Keep it disconnected from the network.
  • Potentially support some kind of mini camera system so we can have some cameras inside the barrier for monitoring the machine.

How about once funding for a mini-PC nuc is approved i set up a network between them, say with a SFTP so there’s a shared folder on both for the dxf files? It would be nice to have a swing arm for the monitor. I have a bunch of webcams I can donate. They are on bendy arms to point in any direction. I hear new webcams are in short supply worldwide. HSBNE can provide USB extension leads and hubs.