Yet another addressable LED order

Hello all you glowing people (and the rest of you),

For those who haven’t noticed, two new kinds of WS2811-compatible addressable LEDs have been released. There are now 8mm and 5mm dome LEDs, along with the recent “WS2812B” 4-pin 5050 SMDs and strips of the same, some of which are waterproof.

I’ll be placing an order next Wednesday (2014-03-26), so if you’d like some, please reply to this thread with exactly what you’re after, and I’ll confirm postage charges and collect payment by Tuesday 2014-03-25. As an estimate, for the last order postage was $7 each.

PS: While these links are to the Shenzhen Rita store on AliExpress, I will also check Ray Wu’s store to find the best price, as most types seem to be available from both (although I think Ray offers more waterproofing options). I advise browsing both if you’re after something specific.

Note: the chips inside these are not all WS2811, but if you check the specifications, the timings are identical to WS2811, hence, “WS2811-compatible”.

Put me down for 100 of the PL9823-F5 5mm domes.please.

200 SMD WS2812B Chips thanks :slight_smile:

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Some of the LEDs available from this seller are not WS2811-compatible. If you are specifying a particular model of LED by providing a URL, please ** triple check that the interface is what you’re expecting**, as many of the LEDs have a datasheet for two models, with the correct model code in the product title.

If you do not specify an interface then I will assume that you want WS2811-compatible elements.

I’m in for 200 SMD style.
I was also wondering if anyone wanted to go halves in the 4m strip?

I <3 pretty lights

I would like 50 units only incase you want to go halvsies in a lot?

Sure, I’ll go halves in a second set.

Please make mine 150 of the PL9823-F5 5mm domes.please.Luminous :smile:

I will be using this sheet for making the final order. For now, please verify that it is correct.

All prices in $USD

Given no other changes, this is what I will be ordering on Wednesday:

  • andrewm1973: 300x WS2812B
  • Boo: 200x WS2812B
  • cstweart000: 50x PL9823-F5
  • lhovo: 200x WS2812B
  • nogthree: 150x PL9823-F5
  • me: 100x PL9823-F5 and 100x PL9823-F8

If this is correct, please either bring cash on this Tuesday night 2014-03-25, or send me a private message on here and I will give you my magic bank numbers.

edit: Postage is $3.40 each and is not included in the above. I figure we can split it evenly, since nobody’s order pushes it above the base postage rate for DHL anyway.

Link to amounts

Remember, AliExpress lists prices in $USD. You’re on the Internet if you’re reading this, so hit Google up.

Hi everyone,

Sorry I couldn’t make it to the space last night. I’ve put the order through in good faith; let me know if you can’t make it to the space to drop off cash (or if you’d plum prefer bank transfer) and I’ll PM you my account details.


Order’s here. I’ll have your stuff with me Tuesday 2014-04-08. If you desperately need them before then, maybe we can sort something out.

List of people who have paid so far:

  • nog3
  • lhovo
  • andrewm1973
  • Boo

Ahh, thanks for the reminder…

Woo, LEDS :smiley:

Now I can get to work on project X.

And me with progect Y

@cstewart000, just checking in, do you stlil want your order, or shall I salvage those LEDs for my own nefarious purposes? If I get no response by next week, I will assume direct control.