24 hours of lemons

this might interest some people…

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Its this that im actually keen as a bean for.

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Ok I should point out that previous teams suggest a budget of $3k per person to cover safety gear… the car is the cheap part…

I am keeeeeen as a bean for this.

I dont think its a major stretch to come up with that.

Ok cool, How many others from the space would be interested? (and have funds) I have 4 friends including myself that are keen…

Im certain we could find suitable sponsors for it.

question…where is it held?

also… I’m happy to sponsor to the value of one old subaru engine… not sure it helps.

Its at Willow bank next May…

So down, so down, always wanted to do this didn’t realise they did it in Australia

Ok well I got excited yesterday and have started the registration process… my current thought is a s13 batmobile styled… rolling shells are only worth $500 add rb30 and gearbox for $300 plus a turbo off a vg30 that may or may not be sitting in my cupboard and your close to having a “decent” car…

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Not many cars like boost for 24hrs though

I’m in, all the ins!

That is so cool, If I was allowed to drive for more than 30 minutes at a time I 'd be so keen on this, but gonna watch this space with excitement. Remember peeps, all the videos.

Regarding boost I totally agree… but we are only talking 5 to 7 psi… plus there would need to be a secondary injector setup… the high flow injectors woulld blow out the budget. - its a discussion for the team…

wIth karl, jace and sven I can make a full team of 6 already…

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I have an SC14 ready to be pressed into service. Easier to make a mount and find a belt than making manifolds and exhaust stuff. low boost with suitable a suitable amount of fuel and itll be fine.

I’m going to be that guy and point out that power mods probably aren’t going to be the best $/track time advantage in a low cost endurance race. I think first things first is to get the car actually driving, then try make it hopefully actually finish the race. If by some miracle there is time\money left over, brakes, tires and suspension are all going to make far more difference than 5psi of boost will, and won’t increase your pit stops.

That aside the turbo does sound fun, so we can always go for 24 laps of lemons, either way super keen to see this idea of HSBNE lemons race team come to fruition.


I know you’re right, a guy can dream cant he? Half the fun is the hair brained bullshit.

I’m thinking an Excel might go nicely, light, fuel efficient for less fuel stops, they already handle well and are at least as fast as your average family car.

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An hyundi excel or old corona are common and fairly good choices. In fact both saw plenty of race use, so failure ponits, mods and parts are well documented. On the other hand if we wanted to be a little more silly then a older holden commodore is a fairly decent option as the base spec units fall into the budget and pack a very decent v6 powerplant, and depending on what the rules stop us removing, actually don’t do badly once you’ve gotten the extra weight out. The groups for commodors tend to be more v8 centered, but same suspension ect so its still a big bonus.

Not sure how to feel about the bmw 5… its auto, which may be a advantage driver fatigue wise, but tends to have both less gears and more relaxed gearing. It also makes me worry about the breaking system more due to reduction in possible gear braking thanks to torque converter slip unless we manualise the lockup… which then negates the only advantage. The BMW inline 6 2.8L engine has a slight chance of a luck roll, in the rare chance its based on the larger 120kw platform, its literally one of the best engines ever made, our budget won’t allow us to go to bonkers, but get a turbo and power isn’t a issue. But you’ll probably get a 2.8L “E” series motor and its a 90kw overbored 2.5L that doesn’t love extra stresses without considerable modification, and is fussy about servicing. On the other hand its not a super heavy car, its rear wheel drive and its the right price, so it’d probably work fine. Worth noting on a track though, the 3 series was often faster.