Bulk NFC Ring Order

Our friends down at the Syndey Hackerspace Robodojo have contacted an NFC ring supplier and have organised to order assorted NFC rings that did not pass the Quality Assurance tests.

"The QA failed pack is in quantities of 50 and consist of a random assortment of styles and sizes. The QA Rings can have one or more of the below issues which made them fail QA:

  • Scratches
  • Color / Style we decided not to retail (some have rainbows…)
  • One side of the ring has a faulty NFC tag.
  • Slightly unrefined outer radius
  • Slightly unrefined comfort fit
    Shipping starts at £60 for 50 rings and goes up £10 every 50 to a maximum of £110 for 300. So I was thinking about the £90 mark for 200 rings which with our current terrible dollar conversion works out around $170. Anyone interested? The spoils will be divided evenly amongst contributors and we can work out to make sure everyone gets something they want out of the choices. I’d like to donate some of the remainders for education. Let me know if you’re interested in the comments and we can sort out Paypal details etc."

Examples of the style of rings here:

If you’re interested, join up the Robodojo fb page and let Luther know you’re keen.



I’m keen for a handful of them! In a past life I used to be a jeweller smith; Titanium is a pain to work with but depending on the faults I may be able to make a few presentable.


Are these perchance compatible with the space readers?

Nope, wrong frequency and standard sorry.

I’d be more interested in the nfc inlays than the rings (I still have some from their original kickstarter.)

They have arrived! I’ll bring them in for dividing up this Tuesday :smiley:


How many did you end up with?

Great, when you divy them up would you mind dropping 5 into my tub? I’ll pick it up when I come and install the CNC machine, once it’s moved into the shed.

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Cool! I’ll try to make it over on Tuesday, not sure yet if I’ll be able to - I ordered 5.

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35 Rings

@sjpiper145 are you at the space tonight? I might be able to pop in to pick up my 5 rings late tonight if you’re still there or can leave them with somebody.

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Do you still have any rings left? I’m living in south korea, but I wouldn’t mind two. Svenska or Karl can hold on to them for me.

Did you buy any @Jonathan_Webber?

No, I’m just living in hope that someone has one or two rings to spare, it might stop me implanting things in my body! :smile:


I’m happy to hang onto some for you. But then again, I don’t want to stop you from implanting stuff…


I already have one NFC implanted. I have a 125mhz RFID implant kit if anyone is interested… (MIGHT work as a space RFID) I can get the datasheet. I think I’ve decided to go for a second NXT tag implant in the future.

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