Hey folks,

It’s about time we decided on what kind of consumables we should stock at the electronics bench.

I’ll update this main post with the final list as we go, so please check the first post before making any suggestions. This list will then be used to populate a reorder form on the bench so people can report when we’re low on consumables.

Electronics Consumables List:
Heat Shrink
Hookup Wire
Solder (0.9mm and 1.9mm).
Flux Pens
Flux Syringe
Isopropyl Alcohol
Solder Braid
Side Cutters
Enameled Copper Wire
Bootlace Crimps
Automotive Crimps (Insulated and not)
Alligator Clip Leads
Dupont Header Crimps and Housings
Dupont Header Cables (M-M, M-F, F-F)
Basic 0.25w Resistor Ranges

The things below are a bit more esoteric but maybe aren’t core consumables?
JST Crimps and Housings
JST-XH Crimps and Housings
Bullet Connectors (For those times you forget one)
XT60 Connectors

I’m sure i’ve missed something, so please chime in with what you’d like to see in the core consumables at HSBNE.

Cotton Swabs (Q-tip)
A few of these for the Isopropyl ->
SMD Tweezers

Though not directly a electronic consumable.

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Wire wrapping wire
I’d suggest 0.7mm solder, personal preference.
Current E12 stock of resistors
E12 series capacitors
An inductor for each order of magnitude. 1, 10, 100mH
LED’s, green and yellow along with the red ones.
Generic prototyping board along with instructions on how to use it if funds allow.

We have a $2 mechanical vending machine somewhere that we could put some 3A buck / boost regulators in.

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1 sidecutter was consumed this arvo

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2 TP4056 were consumed 2 weeks ago. I have replacements.

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FYI those chargers aren’t ‘consumables’. They’re mine.

Heat shink, all the heat shink

Those odn’t seem to ship to AU, does this work? -

Personally I like the ability to lift the lid and tap it a few times to get liquid onto a cotton bud or cloth.