I’m building a dashboard to be shown on the chromecast, to show vital statistics of the group.

Things I’d like it to show, off the top of my head:

  • Current total balance
  • Mandated outgoings
  • Calculated financial health indicator
  • Current number of paid up members
  • Current quorum requirement
  • Any causes, with their member count and current balance

You can see the v0.001 here: https://github.com/HSBNE/Dashy

It currently shows the balance of the bank account and I’m halfway through importing the receipts from Xero to show mandated outgoings.

Pull requests most definitely accepted.

Currently looks like this:


If you want to hack on it, you’ll need to ask me for a copy of the Xero credentials. Can’t put that in the repo, sorry! haha.

I’m currently working on our SpaceAPI endpoint which would track some useful into to be posted to Dashy. Will take a look at writing some jobs for Dashy to pull it.

What’s the current state of these, @devians and @nogthree?

As a more general question, where do people think it’s appropriate to publish this information? Is the website too open? What about a members-only thread on the forum?

@theban, latest can always be found on our github, here https://github.com/HSBNE/Dashy

It eats the balance from xero and the ‘receipts’ which are used to track outgoings mandated by group votes. You’ll need to ask me directly for the certificates if you want to play with the xero parts.

Extremely happy to take peoples pull requests. its super easy to hack on, its just js and html.

I think this is a fine place to publish information about dashy. or are you talking about the info dashy shows? well the plan is to just have it on the tv for now.

Yeah the TV is good, but only usable if one is at the space and the TV is not being used. With the causes spinning up I expect there will be increased demand for up to date info on account balances.
I was thinking of extending it to update a sticky post in the Engine room. This lets members see it, but not the public. Does anyone have any objections to that? (Especially @lhovo)

The Dashkiosk instance I have set up will take over the chromecast the second it isn’t being cast to, this means it’ll be there pretty consistantly. It does however have an api for moving displays between groups of content so I could make a cron job that changes what is shown on a Tuesday.

I’m tossing up extending the dashkiosk instance to provide digital signage to things other than the chromecast (A welcome centre monitor? WE have tonnes of spare monitors. Also the monitor on the wall in the green room).

not sure I follow the problem… I mean, its just a webapp, you’ll probably be able to go to dashy.hsbne.org and have a gander anytime?

I have no idea how you’re going to update a sticky post in the engine room, but godspeed good sir.

keep in mind that the engine room is not ‘members only’