Dealing with the speaker stock

Hi Everybody,

Some time ago the space received a large donation of speaker and audio equipment which has been stored on the wood shop mezzanine. The woodshop team has completed a stock take of the equipment.

Included were most of the parts required for fairly large scale manufacture of speaker cabinets -e.g. speakers, subwoofers, connectors, terminals, resistors etc.

Historically, there was a proposal to create “assemble your own” speaker kits for sale to members using the components. We want to convert this donation into a useful asset for the space (i.e. cash).

Although the idea of manufacturing speakers seems like a wonderful idea, it requires a lot of work. In order to do it, a committed member or members would need to establish a business that would manage the manufacture, advertising and sale of speaker cabinets.


In terms of manufacturing, first someone would need to design the cabinets (e.g. creating all the CAD/CAM to cut this on the CNC, supply the tooling, make appropriate jigs etc etc) and then manufacture a saleable product . This needs to take into account costs and sourcing of materials which has a significant cost to acquire and can create a lot of waste if not planned properly. Once manufacture was complete, this member/members would be responsible for the advertising and sale of the products on Marketplace, Gumtree, ETSY etc.

This is only economical if someone or several people are fully committed to “mass produce” the speaker cabinets, and commit to the entire process, from design, manufacture and sale. This is likely a few hundred hours of work.

Taking all of this into account, we are proposing the following:

Stage 1

If you think you have the base knowledge and are committed, we welcome a member to create a business with these parts supplied at a reasonable price. The concept would be that parts are sold to you, with the spaces resources made available for the manufacture (e.g storage for the materials, workspace for the manufacture, storage for the completed speakers until they are sold etc.). The profits from the sale would then be yours to keep. This arrangement will continue provided that you continue to turnover the product at a reasonable rate (e.g. 2 speakers per month or something along those lines).

The goal is to give someone the opportunity to create a business opportunity with minimal upfront investment, whilst still providing value to the space. At any stage, we want other members to have the change to purchase a pair of speakers at a good price too.

For stage 1, we will hold on to the components for 1 to 2 months maximum.

Stage 2

If no one is interested in taking up this opportunity at the end of the Stage 1 period, we will be listing the components for sale to the public, through channels such as Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree. The raw components are taking up a significant amount of space in the wood shop, and the money from their sale will provide much needed funds for other projects within the space.


Name Part no Boxes QTY per Box Total Category Notes
Active Subwoofer Amplifier Module AA-0501 16 2 32 Speaker Equipment
Large Cylinder Speaker Cabinet 8 Speaker Equipment
105mm Speaker 27TFF H0831-06 8 36 288 Speaker Equipment
170mm Speaker P17 RC/P H524-08 ohm 23 10 230 Speaker Equipment Amount per box varies - some with 10, 11 or 12
SUB Grill ? 2 14 28 Speaker Equipment
Peerless XLS series 269 SWR 51 147 NX ALP 4L 4ohm 24 1 24
12 Inch Subwoofer Loose 6 6 Speaker Equipment
Green Room Tubs
Name Part no Boxes QTY per Box Total Category
Assorted Tub 1 Speaker Terminals
Steel Bushings
170mm Speaker P17 RC/P H524-08 ohm Loose 25 25 Speaker Equipment
Active Subwoofer Amplifier Module AA-0501 Loose 2 2 Speaker Equipment
105mm Speaker 27TFF H0831-06 Loose 7 7 Speaker Equipment
CAT 6 Cable 1 Networking Equipment
Sound Absorbing Insulation Roll 1 Speaker Equipment

You want to help with the project?

In the meantime, while we wait for some to come with a proper business plan, if you want to help, you’re welcome to google the model of the speakers so we can start getting a face value for the articles.

I have wanted to create my own sound system in times past, if I wanted to create my own sounds system, what would the cost of the materials be?

The price of the speakers is a thing that we need to investigate and determine. You’re welcome to start digging the internet to find how much they cost.

About the rest of the materials, I’d wouldn’t know without having an idea of what you’re trying to do.