Mechanical meeting Wednesday 18 January at 7PM

The next Mechanical Team Meeting will be held on Wednesday 18 January at 7PM. The meeting will be held virtually on the HSBNE discord server #Mechanical chat.
Any team member can also just reply to this thread if they can’t make it that time/date. And that will be considered during the meeting.

Agenda Items:

  • Tool safety(theft) → we have to start thinking about security for all the tools in the space

  • Tool Labelling +wiki

  • Tool storage → How to start a proper tool storage / tracking system?

  • Dangerous goods → following on from this discussion solvents order. should we move the dangerous goods cabinet to the “paint” container (bad visibility for memberbase). or keep it in mechanical workspace,or keep it in the metalshop…

  • reorganizing of workbenches → currently the benches are more used for toolstorage with little actual workspace -. @Ale_More offered to help us with a workbench and some storage ideas> Something like this. And then use the walls to hang tools / Equipment.

  • projects → We should start thinking about some projects so we can enjoy the space and use it for what it is build for

Teammembers present: Andrew and Raf

The things we talked about:

  • Tool safety(theft) → Lock / latch should be installed on door

  • Tool Labelling +wiki

    • Label cabinets very well ie woodshop
    • With inventory sheets
    • And list tools on wiki
      • for reference that we have them and
      • for trackability (broken or to lend it )
      • register (Xero etc)
      • check in check out system with IT (to get discussion going of if this is feasible to develop a loan system)

Some incomplete example: daytona_360pce_green_mechanical_tool_chest - mechanical - tools [HSBNE Wiki]

  • Dangerous goods → move the dangerous goods storage from metalshop to the paintshop. Possibly buy a bigger cabinet.

    • Put up.a sign to make it known that it has moved
  • reorganizing of workbenches → Raf to clear benches to get this going

  • Things that are necessary to be bought (metalshop and mechanical):

    • Puller 3 jaw. set of 3 109
    • Bearing puller 44
    • Reel for air 50 with woodshop
  • Tools we would like to have:

    • Metric tap and die set
    • some containers for bol and nuts
    • toolcabinet on wheels
  • Raf is thinking of helping to sell the speakerstock

    • test the market with a couple of examples
    • waste of inventory
    • Not going to be close to the estimated price at all in the current market with that age etc