Digifab cause meeting 04/09/2018

Time: 8:30 pm
Date 04/09/2018

update on cause items that have been purchased in the last few meetings
3mm filament ABS for Taz 5 budget of $150

please add anything you think we might need

A new section has been added to the Laser Cutter wiki: How To Know When Something’s Wrong. Basically a list of as many failure modes as we could come up with, how to recognise them as soon as possible, and what you should do when (not if) they happen to you to minimise & contain the damage before it spreads. If you can think of any others not mentioned be sure to add them! :slight_smile:

The plan is for this to become a new requirement for anyone using the laser cutter under supervision of a laser Supervisor, so be sure to make yourself familiar with this section before you use the machine again. It might seem like a hassle & a negative thing because it means yet another thing users will need to know/do, but this is another important step towards our end goal of automating/eliminating what we can while shifting as much of the remainder as possible from the supervisors to the users, so in the future we can hopefully do something like greatly reduce or remove the role of supervisors altogether.