Digifab Cause meeting 16/10/2018

Time: 8:15 pm
Date 16/10/2018

as we have not been able to make quorum the last few meetings I ask the following

If you know you will be unable to attend the meeting, please send
through the following proxy form before the meeting to


I, of (insert address), being a member of the association, appoint
(insert name) of (insert address) as my proxy to vote for me on my
behalf at the Digifab Cause meeting of the association, to be held on
the day of (date) and at any adjournment of the meeting.
Signed this day of (date).


as we did not have quorum last meetings we will be running this again


update on cause items that have been purchased in the last few meetings
3mm filament ABS for Taz 5 1 budget of $150

and as mike said the new section has been added to the laser cutter wiki,
How To Know When Something’s Wrong
Please see (Digifab cause meeting 04/09/2018 1) for more details

there will also be an update as to the state of the laser cutter

please add anything you think we might need