Digifab Meeting 22/05/2018

Time: 8pm
Date 22/05/2018

5 x Sonoff POW $16 each for turning off 3d printers and 1 spare incase Total $80
5 X Build Tek $35 each Total $175
300kg Electronic Digital Platform Scale Computing Shop Postal Scales Weight for Larger objects $100 Budget
40kg scales for smaller objects, $40 Budget

Nogs discussion from Laser Cutter Inductions

I’d like to add an item:
$100 reimbursement for @ian.kerr.redmond for replacing the batteries in the Digifab printer UPS.

To be clear, I haven’t spent $100 yet - but I’ve put two spare batteries from work into the UPS to test it.
$100 would cover fresh batteries, if we want the UPS fixed.



This will need to be held straight after the general meeting.