Laser Cutter Inductions

Hi folks,

I’d like to propose that for the next Digifab cause meeting we have we vote to open up access to the laser cutter with a few provisos. These include:

  • The induction is completed with a supervisor and the first x (I’d suggest 3, but leave it at the supervisor’s discretion.) uses are supervised.
  • Pre and post-use checklists are put in place so we can be sure of the state of the machine and can keep its users accountable. Not completing either would result in temporary loss of access for a scaling 1 week/2
  • The interlock will automatically lock out after X hours of being on to force required maintenance.
  • Usage is then recorded against each member, the donation tin for the laser cutter is then tallied monthly against this.

I’ve mocked up both the checklists and the induction materials previously but now I need help making sure they’re complete.

The induction paperwork is up at and the forms are up at


Thanks Nog… There was some demand to use the machine on Tuesday and no one to administer it… Good work on the donation interlock stuff to… It makes it fairer for everyone.

Unfortunately yes, the last few Tuesdays have been without supervisors available but they are volunteers and not on a schedule or anything like that.

In the last three months three new supervisors have been added (Jaimyn, Buzz and Drew) but as always members should be organizing with the supervisors in advance for laser cutter use - at least until this comes in.

Im very interested in this, keep me in the loop

Hey there. I’ve never used a laser cutter but it’s something I want o become awesome at.
I understand that the machine is down right now so I’m thinking that now might be a good time to try work through some of the things suggested in this thread so that when it does come online again…

I’m going to be in the space every Monday day and evening for the forseeable future and I’m looking for something I can do to help contribute while I’m there. I’d like to help with this if possible.

How can I be of use?

I’d suggest having a read of the Wiki page for the Red laser cutter to begin with at

Then make yourself known to the existing supervisors and find out what you can help with. There’s a trello list but it’s best you speak to the supervisors so you get a feel for what actually needs to be done and how you can fit into that :slight_smile: