Drinks Machines

(Mike Ando) #123

I haven’t had a chance to do much more diagnostic work on why line #2 is still playing up, but I’ve found & fixed at least one potential problem. A small nick in the insulation was found on one of the motor grounding connectors by line #1 and it could’ve been shorting to ground. As these are all daisy-chained and it’s right next to line #2, it’s possible this could’ve caused it (or at least contributed to it), but I don’t think it’s likely to explain everything. As always, someone who isn’t me is very, very welcome to start tracing wires & inspecting them for damages because there’s only so many hours per month I can devote to volunteering for the hackerspace - the keys are in the server room.

(Damaged insulation in the wire at the bottom here, that’s never a good thing)

Another new interesting flavour is in the random line- Coffee! Or should I say, “WINCOFE”. It’s made by Hey-Song Corporation, comes from Taiwain, is “strong”, contains a small amount of Green Tea Extract mixed in, should probably have caffeine & dairy warnings on it, and probably tastes better if heated to 55’C instead of drinking cold. Don’t ask me any questions beyond that though because I can’t read 95% of the can’s writing.

(For the WinCovfefe!)