Electric Skateboard - Envy

So many electric vehicles have been build and are currently being modified at the HackerSpace in the last 6 months.

Wanting to keep up with the the Sven’s Victor’s, Karl’s…

Here is the start of my

Envy build

(many edits to this post will come)

V0.9 I have settled on a 10s 2.3Kv 60A system.


Hobby king for the win again. This motor is definitely overkill but i will be using these for another project as well.

Be sure to check out - this page - to select the right motor battery combo for your project


Have to draw one up for my trucks and motor


Belts and toothed pullys - Miniature Bearing Australia Pty Ltd


Hobby king separate LiOn Cells.
Everyone buys big packs then cut them down to fit the underside of their board. I have seen at least one cell gets damaged in this process every time.


This is a project in itself. In the meantime I will be using a $20 RC car controller until a custom one is made)


Benjamins Robotics has been working on this amazing open source design
His current small manufacturing runs have sold out instantly but they can be hand made. Being all open source there are plenty to locations to purchase all the components - GROUP ORDER - I know you want one for your ev project.


Well choosen name, I envy you already…

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Just looked up that motor, oh damn! Looking forward to seeing you put it together. p.s. I realised one of my cells is no good so just need to lose one more and I’ll be ready for the VESC :wink:

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Sorry i've been off hiding under rocks lately

Probably time to start hacking again.

Project Update: I have all the parts and have only to build a motor bracket, a wheel adapter and solder everything together :smiley:

Component Modeling

After scouring the Internet for ‘multiple’ seconds, not finding what i wanted, i decided to make it myself.

First I modeled the motor - super surprised not to find some dimension diagrams at the very least.

Then the Truck the motor will attach to.

All uploaded to thingiverse, links on images above

Now with some references to play with in 3d cad the bracket can be created without making some horrible design mistake.

At this point i am in two minds about how to proceed. Do I

  1. design something super amazing and cutting edge looking or
  2. go for some utilitarian hackerspace worthy design and finally get this thing running asap

Next post: bracket design - the good the bad and the OMGosh that is hideous


Welcome back Hally! :smiley:

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Hopefully this wasn’t just one of those phantom posts that appears after the forum has been down haha. I would be the goose for replying then.


I got motor brackets for you, @Hally !

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ok @svenska has provided some more inspiration, after riding his board this evening. Looking forward to his build log. Dont let its looks fool you, its a beast and a pleasure to ride.

He’s up to making carbon fibre housing for his batteries :grinning: .

links for me
belt and pully combo

miniture bearings motor pully

electric skateboard calculator

Abec 11 85mm or 107mm

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