Electronics Cause - Desk and Workstation Move/Improvements Jan-2021

Tl;Dr; Desks and being removed and new shelves, workstations are going to be installed across the other side of the Green Room, along with planning for modern test equipment purchases later in 2021. If all goes well :slight_smile:

The Electronics Cause needs to relocate its work area across the other side of the Green Room to make way for other cause reshuffles starting in Jan 2021. The electronics cause work areas will also get an overhaul and new designated work areas for the varying levels of complexity that Electronics spans.

I’m proposing three key workstations and a shelf storage section on back-to-back RackIt 400kg shelves for equipment not in use, or stocked parts, cables, kits etc.

The three work stations are;

  1. Dev/Debug
  2. Rework and fine soldering
  3. Build, cable and general electrical equipment test bench

The first two are sit-down deals with monitors, USBC/3 Docking station at a normal 750mm desk height. These are intended to be for scope, programming, debugging circuits, calibration etc. Fine circuit analysis, repair development.

The general test bench will be a 900mm “standing” height with a shelf over the middle of the benchspace. This space is accessible from three sides and is 1800x1200mm in size, large enough to pull apart just about anything.

There would then be two 1200x530mm Rackit 400Kg shelves back-to-back for parts, equipment and stocked item storage. All the leads, heatsrink etc.

I’ve marked out room for a much needed new toolbox (on wheels) which is also another work platform, and would contain all the wire strippers, crimpers, hookup cables and alike. Also a working set of tools specificaly for Electronics, from medium sized (box cutting etc) to small (iPhone size) screw drivers etc.

Below is a mock-up of what I’m proposing, and a first pass at a BOM. It’s missing table tops, legs and other tools that we’d provision during the year. It’s also missing any new test equipment. I’ll get to that in the coming months, right now we need to move to make room for other Causes.

Please let me know what you think, I wont be at the space on the 12th unfortunately as I have a family commitment. Discord BadBiki or reply here.

A detailed break down of what tool and equipment goes on which bench will be developed in the coming weeks.

Cheers :slight_smile:

GreenRoom-GreenRoom-Opt2.pdf (87.5 KB) A61482.pdf (5.6 MB) B410530.pdf (5.3 MB) B329400.pdf (5.3 MB)

The BOM for parts from Bunnings; excludes the benchtops and legs.

Planner Code Planner Qty Quantity I/N Price Description Sub
A61482 1 3 2760546 $9.00 MDF Shelf 1500MM $27.00 $27.00
A61482 1 4 2760543 $18.20 Wire Shelf 1500MM $72.80 $72.80
A61482 1 14 2760550 $11.30 Beam 1500MM $158.20 $158.20
A61482 1 2 2760238 $10.40 Safety Pins Pack $20.80 $20.80
A61482 1 28 2760547 $2.40 Shelf Brace 400mm $67.20 $67.20
A61482 1 3 2760539 $25.80 Upright 2135mm $77.40 $77.40
B410530 2 7 2760532 $10.00 MDF Shelf 1200MM $70.00 $140.00
B410530 2 14 2760549 $10.40 Beam 1200MM $145.60 $291.20
B410530 2 2 2760238 $10.40 Safety Pins Pack $20.80 $41.60
B410530 2 14 2760535 $2.40 Shelf Brace 500mm $33.60 $67.20
B410530 2 2 2760527 $28.00 Upright 2135mm $56.00 $112.00
B329400 1 6 2760531 $9.00 MDF Shelf 900MM $54.00 $54.00
B329400 1 6 2760551 $13.40 Beam 1800MM $80.40 $80.40
B329400 1 1 2760238 $10.40 Safety Pins Pack $10.40 $10.40
B329400 1 12 2760535 $2.40 Shelf Brace 500mm $28.80 $28.80
B329400 1 2 2760527 $28.00 Upright 2135mm $56.00 $56.00
N/A 1 1 UWT056S $829.00 Ultimate Storage 56" 10 Drawer Tool Trolley $829.00
Total $2,134.00

The latest version of the layout looks like;

The section views of each workbench;



Thanks to @BadBiki, @nog3 and myself, most of the new shelving has been installed and setup in the electronics cause new home. We had nearly two full car loads from Bunnings and had to do two trips to the carpark. It’s starting to come together and look really awesome. Another couple of hours tomorrow night should get us mostly finished!

Here’s some progress pics.