Electronics Cause Meeting 29/11/2016

Hey folks,

It’s about time we had a cause meeting to buy some shiny new things. The meeting will be held after the main meeting, so approx 8:30 in the Games room.

Most recently the Weller vacuum desolderer has been wonky, I’d like to propose two purchases to help fix this up.
The first is a second vacuum desoldering station - http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Desoldering-Station-80W-Temperature-controlled-Vacuum-Suction-de-soldering-gun-/142158807551?hash=item21195341ff:g:fKIAAOSwA3dYLp-T

I have one of these at home and they’re a tank. and it’d be nice when we rearrange the bench to have one desoldering iron at each end of the bench.

The second purchase is a replacement gun for the old Weller, we think it’s a fault in the wire but these guns are fairly interchangable (the air hose 100%, the connector will require some rewiring inside the machine). This is what I’d probably suggest purchasing - http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Spare-Desoldering-Gun-to-suit-for-80W-Desoldering-Station-/351877797768?hash=item51ed8d1788:g:DOYAAOSwPCVYAIeR

So for those options, that’s 56.70+165= 221.7. I’ll make sure maintenance of these irons is documented too because it’s happened in the past that people didn’t clean them after use.

Finally, I’ve purchased 6 900mm wide drawers from Masters on clearance, so we can store all of our parts drawers contents under the bench. These cost me $11 each, so $66 reimbursement would be cool.

If anyone else has any agenda items for the Electronics cause, please make sure you post them in reply before Thursday 8PM :slight_smile:

Some ISO pump containers would be good (search nail pump dispenser), if you purchase I will fill them :wink:

Meeting Minutes:

Ross Bopf
Guy Reece
Lysa Singh
James Churchill
Jaimyn Mayer
Brendan Halliday
David Bussenschutt (Via Proxy)
Ben Barrera

Meeting Opened 20:35

Vote to spend $231.7 for Desoldering Iron + Desoldering Iron Gun Spare. All in favour.

Vote to reimburse Brendan H $66 for 6 drawers. All in favour.

Discussion RE plans for moving the bench along the wall.
Discussion requesting more iso pumps.
Discussion RE magically disappearing dust pan and brush.
Discussion RE acquiring basic transistor Sets

Meeting closed 20:55