Electronics Classes

Hi Team!

I’m keen to share my background in electronics engineering and want to know what classes YOU are keen to get to. Below are a list of courses I can offer. Filling out the form below will allow me to prioritise them and to let you know the details.

  • Making your own circuit board
  • Programming electronics
  • Basics of Electronics
  • Circuit Board Art
  • Soldering

Also welcome sharing the link outside of HSBNE as a way to get others involved and building using electronics.

Thank you.

Tkz for the offer. I just took Cause advice and used jlbcdefg online pcb design, fab and fund. Followed by an order for 5 of this 5 of that and 10 of the other. All for my latest folly is esp32 based arduino/upython. What do you have in mind?

Sorry about the SUPER late reply. Went dormant until now!

I’m kicking this off now, I have an online class for those keen (email me) and will be running workshops at HSBNE. Attached is a quick reference for Arduino, keen to hear what classes your keen on.

Electronics Programming Quick Ref…pdf (279.8 KB)