Electronics Workshops

Hey folks,

It’s time to tee up a bunch of workshops again for the next six months.

I’d like to know:

  • What kind of workshops would you like to see?
  • Is anyone willing to run workshops on something they know about?

Please reply with your ideas/suggestions!

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I want to learn all the things!!

  • Pi Zero kit based project workshop
  • Mould Making and Casting
  • IoT based basics class
  • Arduino sensors/shields

I would love a Pi Zero workshop AND the molding workshop

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So I’ve got a few workshop plans on the boil, still keen to hear requests.

So far I’m working on:

  • Electronics 101 - Circuits and Components
  • Electronics 102 - Reading Circuit Diagrams
  • Soldering 101 - Through Hole Soldering (I’d like to package this into a self-paced kit you can buy from the vending machines too.)
  • Soldering 102 - SMD Soldering
  • IOT 101 - Internet connected Weather Station
  • IOT 102 - Wifi Light

If you would like help with the above I’m willing to lend a hand.

At some stage (time permitting) I would like to run a how to design PCB’s course. Though I think this is wishful thinking at this stage.

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I’m interested in all of the above

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I’m happy to do some thing on Pi zero…

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They all sound interesting, I am interested in LED’s every aspect.

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Keen on Soldering 102 & pcb design.

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I’m interested in ALL OF THE THINGS. If I had to prioritise them, I’d choose top to bottom in the order you already have them :slight_smile:

Any thoughts on pricing at this stage?

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I’m interested in all of these workshops.

I also had a couple of ideas around a project, and need guidance from some of the wizards here. It involves music, pressure sensors, electronics, midi and whatnot… and I’ll discuss the details in person when I swing by next. :slight_smile:


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I can do a “Many ways to make a PCB” workshop.

Possibly can do a “mold making and casting” if it relates to making functional things (enclosures/parts) rather than artistic things. That may be a long and difficult workshop though.