Fundraising party!

Karl and Jay pitched up the idea for a fundraising party for two really important reasons

  1. We need money!
  2. Part of our lease conditions is that we create a community and hold community events. While regular members are important the numbers are small and in order to have the space in the longer term we also need to hold larger events that bring in people from outside. Our landlord has already commended us on planning a fundraising party.

So the date is set (20th June) and the beer is ordered, now we need help!

The Wonky Queenslanders and the Hackerspace are teaming up on this one. It will be a really good party. The vibe we are aiming for is that of a good house party; good guests, good behaviour, good fun and a sense of personal responsibility that means people are encouraged to behave well and make sure that their friends do the same. Having that vibe right from the start means that as we grow, the vibe stays good. We’re aiming for sustainability rather than instant success so we are going to invite people who we know will not be dickheads, rather than the whole internet. Avoiding any thing or person getting broken is a major priority.

There is diverse entertainment planned - starting with a free yoga class, rolling into bands and ending with DJs. There will also be 3 VJs, some fire twirlers and anything else that members want to put on. The art car will be set up in the hangar space with a deck extension that we are building. The deck extension will have room for bands and the spa which we are bringing in for the night. Yes, there will be a spa. Most of the hackerspace will be locked, Karl is planning on running some tours for interested people early in the day.

There will be two bars - beer and spirits bar with cheap drinks all night and the bar open from 4-12 as we have so stop serving alcohol at 12.

What we need from YOU is to buy a ticket, bring at least two friends and put your name on this list for one or two jobs! None of the jobs are glamorous but they are all important and we are aiming to make them all a bit fun, even the cleanup. If you think of an issue/job that we haven’t considered, put it on the google doc and offer to do it :slight_smile: Myself, Karl and Jay are the go-to guys for any comments, suggestions or offers to donate booze. If you have any old towels at home - bring them as people will be using the spa.

The doc also has a detailed budget estimate - basically if we get $100 people we make $1200, if we get 250 we make over $5000. We are aiming to make this a regular and major source of income for the space.

Further to that there is a link to the facebook event and the ticket portal.