HSBNE Improvements

(jason) #1

This will document all the improvements at HSBNE.

If you add, modify or fix something for The Space, please take a photo and add it here.

Please everyone contribute to the improvement of the space, we really need it right now, it would be a delight to see all members names in this thread!

(Brendan Halliday) #2

(Mr Jay Moulton) #3

Lathe rebuild.
So if you weren’t aware the lathe got broken, now you are. Someone had been switching the direction of the lathe while it was spinning and cooked the contacts in the switch.
If you do this you are are a bad person.
The forwards and reverse now functions as intended and you don’t have to dangerously hand spin the jaws to get it going.
Big thanks to @jace and @Thermoelectric
for their efforts in fixing the lathe

(Mr Jay Moulton) #5

Just to reiterate that if anyone is going to use the metal lathe DO NOT start and stop it with the direction switch. If you do fry the switch you will be paying to fix it.

(cr0n) #6

how large do you need the cap to be?

(Beau Sandford) #7

It’s a 100uF beastie.

(jason) #8

Tried to open up the front area, to make it more inviting. Big ups @Hally for the cool cable drum seats

(Mr Jay Moulton) #9

Looks awesome guys, well done!

(Joshua Hogendorn) #10

I moved 2 posts to a new topic: Flood Light Scheduler

(Brendan Hall) #11

Thanks @david_thompson for bork tagging this

It has been temporarily fixed and is safe to use :slight_smile: A better fix with more love and heatshrink is coming Soon.

(Mike Ando) #12

I forgot to take a photo of the end result tonight, but you might notice that member’s storage is looking a little bit more tidy, clean and organised… Multiple people can walk in there at the same time now! Hopefully the new tape dividers & grid numbering system will help remind people to keep things tidy in there. I’d like to thank Chang-Yi and @nogthree for their help getting this room under control in the first wave of cleanouts. :slight_smile:

Space Improvement 2017
(Adam) #13

Perhaps ripping down some 12mm mdf to make guides for the bins?
or i have a stack of 42x19 here that could make it’s way up there?

(Brendan Halliday) #14

Aw shucks, I didn’t do all that much.

In other updates:
Member’s themesongs only trigger on the front door now.
Member’s swipes are now published in realtime on #checkins on HSBNE Slack.
Logging has been fixed to identify the door being swiped at.

(Brendan Halliday) #15

HSBNE is now listed on the SpaceAPI again :smiley: - http://spaceapi-stats.n39.eu/#hsbne

([permanently inactive]) #16

Snapped a bit and got a new one, 5.95 mm.