Laser cutter - Machine data

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Yep, information is everything. I intend to collate data of the laser cutter and put it bit by bit together as it comes along - including where spare parts, manuals & procedures can be found and put it together on my comp in a couple simple html files until a reasonable amount is together to put it on-line. Please share what you know. Make, type, year built, laser power ( I saw the 80% note and found the Laser Cutter - Setup, concerns, processes etc - thread), usable bedsize … anything.

Thank You



Hey Walter, Please add any information to the wiki:

It might be worth adding a ‘state of repair’ section. Or a maintenance history.

I did add a few bits I found in the wiki
which I found in the Laser Cutter - Setup, concerns, processes etc - thread.
Particularly the link to the article.

I hit save, . . . but the changes do not show online.
subject to check before allowed online ?

Or did I manage to hit a bad button ?



Thanks for your efforts Walter.
I don’t know why it didn’t work. The wiki has been working fine for me - without need for approval or such. Others have been having intermittent trouble. I don’t suppose you kept a copy of the content before you posted it (in notepad or your clipboard)?

The wiki is currently broken for some people some of the time.

I have a working version in development right now, I just have to push stuff to production. I’ll try and get to it tomorrow.


No worries & tnx for info

I expect such things to happen,

nowadays everything is Beta. Well, if one is lucky . . .
most stuff is hardly above Omega
and the Alfa (Romeo) still rusts already on the brochure photo.

so I edited just a couple lines and kept my notes too.

As you are at it:
Any chance to incorporate tabbed pages like wikipedia has a talk tab to
every page?
that would move topic specific discussions and thereby implicit info
from the forum to the wiki.

I am dreaming particularly of a condition/state tab for any tool like
repraps or the laser cutter
or it might be a lot less effort to just make more pages?

I’ll try to edit again in a few days,