Laser Cutter

Hi all

I have gotten a few updates for the laser cutter, I have been able to get tracking on the ship that is bringing the laser cutter.

Please note the location of the ship at time of posting this is a little out of date as the ship is kinda out of range, but it will update soon


also more details about the ship can be found here

Umm, ok it’s heading to Melbourne…
Is it coming to Brisbane as a second stop?

According to the ship’s itinerary, yes - Melbourne on the 1st of April, Sydney on the 4th of April & Brisbane on the 7th of April.

Thanks Riumplus that is correct we will have it in Brisbane on the 7th April then we have to clear customs, I’ll get updates on it tomorrow

I tried to find the itinerary apparently I didn’t look that hard :wink:

I am so goddamn keen to see this thing turn up. laser cut ALL THE THINGS.

It’s looking like it won’t be in Brisbane to the 10th…

from what I can see it will be in Brisbane on the 10th as it is close to the Gold Coast already

The ship has left Brisbane Port :stuck_out_tongue:

how long will it take the laser to clear customs?

Well great news there it has cleared customs today ready for pickup but
they close at 2pm everyday

It has cleared customs already

I heard a rumor that Jimmy had offered to pick it up? Is this
confirmed? Is there a plan in place for this? I can offer my
car+trailer to do a pickup on Friday if it’s not organised for before

Going by discussion on IRC the customs office closes before Jimmy finishes


Jimmy is helping out with this we are working on a plan now. As my car does
not have a tow bar I can not take mine. Also the only days we can pick it
up before being charged a fee is Tuesday and Wednesday this week

I finnish work @ 330 an can’t do it before then this week but can do next
week :frowning: They probably won’t be open on good friday.

If you can pickup a 1.8m cube that weighs 800 or so kg tomorrow let crofty
know. Rember the space has a trailer

we have to pick it up before 2pm on tuesday if not wednesday before 2pm i
kinda have to be there but any one of those days are fine with me

any idea on the size of said fee?

sorry pikkaachu i do not know what the fee is, also sorry denominator i have given you the wrong weight it only weights 185kg, also they open at 8am for pick up