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Hey all

My name is Jason/Jace

Interests: Environmental improvement, Metal work, micro-controllers, electronics, cars, bikes, most things, etc
Looking to learn: 3d printing, cnc routing, organic building and computing, most things etc
Studying/Working: BMS tech
Qualifications: BA Mechanical Engineering


Hey folks,

My name is Brendan, but most of you know me as nog, nog3 or even ‘wear your glasses’

Interests: Hardware hacking, activism, community building, costume building, anything I can get my hands on or work with.
Looking to learn: Anything and everything, I like to have a broad knowledge and skillset.
Studying/Working: I work at The Edge, as a Digital Fabrication Catalyst.
Qualifications: Dip IT (Networking/Security).
Thing(s) I’m responsible for or know about at HSBNE: Access System, Comms (IRC, Trello, Forums, Slack, Blog, Website), Vending Machines, Network, Cameras.


Hi, my name is Andrew,

Interests: Metalworking and CNC Machines (if it runs G code, I speak its language), woodworking, 3D printing, electronics, Instruments both acoustic and electronic, audio, computing, cooking.

Looking to learn: 3D printing, electronics both analogue and digital, and pretty much everything else, I love learning, like, a lot.

Working: Piano Teacher, Bartender, wanna be entrepreneur.

Qualifications: not even a year 10 certificate, I’m that bad ass. (Homeschooled, not drop out BTW). Edit: just saw @sjpiper145’s post and it prompted my memory, I have an RSA, an expired first aid certificate, and 1/4 of a Diploma of Justice Administration (Thought about becoming a police officer once, but I’m too nice :wink:)


Interests: 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, metal detecting, watercolours, non-fiction reading, science.
Looking to learn: Electronics and anything else (I also love learning)
Studying/Working: PhD at QUT, Tissue Engineering
Qualifications: Bachelor of Health (Hons), Boat licence, Commercial Marine Radio Licence, SCUBA, RSA, RSG, CPR, Senior First Aid, Mental First Aid.


Mah name is Dave

Interests: Cosplay, Prop Fabrication, Programming, FPV Drones, Interface and Web Design, UX/HCI
Looking to learn: CNC Machining, Thermoplastics, Electronics, pretty much anything.
Studying/Working: Work - Developer/SAP Analyst
Qualifications: Bachelor of IT


Hi, my name is Kelly(I’m a guy just so there’s no confusion) and after going to the open night last Tuesday I’m looking forward to spending more time at HSBNE. Unfortunately I am outta here in a week to look after my Mum for a while so you probably won’t see me until I get back from Townsville. On the upside my main partner in crime is still living there so ideas for projects will ensue.

Interests: Tabletop wargames, reading, music, pc games, movies, building stuff, pulling stuff apart and general mad scince.
Looking to learn: 3D printing, laser cutting, costume making and I want to refresh all my old machining/welding skills.
Studying/Working: I’m currently unemployed except for occasional shifts at Dominos.
Qualifications: Diploma of Graphic Design(2014), Years of experience in workshops, warehouses, telecommunications, security and sales.



My name is Niklas or Nick, originally from Sweden but lived here in oz for 11 years. 4 years in Brisbane now.

Interests: Wood and metal working, CNC (I’ve got a small 1500W CNC), 3D printing (have a hyrel3d, laser etching and cutting, robotics, rasperry pi, linux arduino,…
looking to learn: Workshop machinery, welding, fabrication, laser cutting, 3d design / cad…
working: Run my own little software engineering business with clients around the world.
qualifications: Masters in Physics and Engineering, paragliding pilot


Paragliding? Are you going out much? I got a license and a glider. Would love me a flying buddy!


Hi @svenska,
No, I’ve not been flying regularly since I moved up to Brisbane four years ago. I still have all the gear including a tandem and a license for it. But, I would need to gentle my way back into it. Not sure if I’ll ever get back to fully flying like I did 5+ years ago.
By the way, your handle is confusing to me: In Swedish it means “Swedish” :smile:

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My actual name is Colin, but I have been known to go by the moniker of Firedrake (drake for short) in online games for near 15 years now…

I’m in my early 30’s, like long walks on the beach, spooning, am a Gemini, wait… wrong forum…

Interests: Pretty much summed up as Making Things! Sewing, Wood, Metal, Plastic, it’s all fun!

Looking to learn: 3D printing looks pretty cool, despite a serious lack of practical use for a printer at this stage. Welding is fun, I’m just seriously out of practice. Proper cabinetmaking.woodworking would be nice too.

Studying/Working: I’m a Heavy industrial Electrician by trade (big, heavy, greasy stuff that will kill you without a second thought), currently working as a T/A for a mobile equipment mechanic at the moment. Have hammer, will “adjust” things.

Qualifications: Trade certificate in Electrical Engineering, First-Aid, CPR, LVR, Wilderness First Aid. Lots of other “informal training” covering subjects from Emergency Scene Management, to Classroom Instruction, to How To Mess With Your Apprentice, to How To Set A Bad Example, to Programming PLC units, and the most critical How To Not Electrocute Other People!


HI All,

I’m Michael, from Brisbane but have been told I sound like a South African, not sure how that happened as I’ve never been there.

Interests: lasers & robotics, open source software/hardware, right to repair, online voting/democracy/education, encryption, RTS games,
Looking to learn: git/source control, micro controller programming, encryption,
Studying/Working: PhD on laser interaction with metals, working at a laser welding & additive manufacturing company.
qualifications: BSc (Physics, hons)


Hi I’m Hamish. I’ve got 3 young kids - so I tend to turn up later in the evenings after they are asleep.

Interests: Making things
Looking to learn: Welding, engines and other Scrapheap Challenge type skills. Also keen to explore the world of computer controlled machines (3d printers, laser cutters, cnc routers, etc)
Studying/Working: Computer Programmer.
Qualifications: BSc (Computer Science)

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Hi yall

My name is Will and I have just recently been introduced to HSBNE. I have to say, this place seems like candy land.

I look forward to meeting some of you this coming Tuesday.

computer programming, design, 3d printing, electronics and well, all things creatively interesting.

Looking to learn:
woodwork, welding, 3d printing, black smithing. Anything and everything, depending on the day.

Bachelor of Psychology Science.

Cert I & II in technology
Cert I in construction
Dear god do I feel under qualified.


Hi All

My name is Jim

Interests: Mechanical Design, 3D modelling, ACAD, FPV Racing, inventing the “useful”, inventing the “not so useful but fun”
Looking to learn: 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC, FPV Racing
Studying/Working: 2D and 3D draftsman at “Heat and Control”, we make the cooking equipment and processes for the global food industry.
Qualifications: Associates degree in Mechanical Design


Hi everyone, my name is Ollie, I’m your resident bike nerd.

Interests: bikes, bike polo, coffee, drankin beer, making things. I’m co-owner in two small companies: one selling bike frames, the other bike polo equipment.
Looking to learn: metal work, welding, G code and anything else. I like collecting new skills.
Studying/Working: I’m just about to graduate from a Bachelor of Journalism. I work as a barista and have done so for about ten years.
Qualifications: If you need anything coffee, bikes or communications related I’m your guy.


@ollie I’m planning on building a bamboo bycicle frame. Hit me up if you’re keen!


Hi there.

I’m David, and I like stuff.

Interests: cosplay, 3d printing, woodworking, metalworking, electrical working, cooking, and basically everything other than astrology.

Looking to learn: LEARN ALL THE THINGS!

Studying: Honours in Biomedical Science at UQ. I study steak monster genetics.

Qualifications: cert III in cynicism from the school of hard knocks.

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Hi, I’m Sam.

Interests: I like learning about systems and bodies of knowledge that keep society working. Sewerage systems through to power generation, how the infrastructure underlying the internet works, whatever.

Looking to learn: Metalwork, I have a welding project going (making a welding table, welding corner jig etc). I need someone to teach me to use the bandsaw safely :smile:

Studying/Working: Took a redundancy from my career of eleven years a few months back, I’ve applied for the B. Engineering program at QUT for 2016. I’m doing a maths bridging course four days a week to prepare.

Qualifications: Master Mariner (I worked aboard merchant ships, tankers, bulk carriers etc). So, navigation, cargo management, ship maintenance…