Member Introductions

(Ollie) #25

@Svenska yeah dude! Super keen. I’ve had a bit of expirience with bike geo in making Lightfoot bike polo frames:

What kind of frame (road, commuter, track, mtb)?

(Keir James) #26

Ahoy Yall!

The Names Keir (Named After Keir Santage from Return Of The Jedi)

Long time lurker and I have only made it out to the space for one open night, however as soon as I walked in I knew it was a place for me. (not only that but I live so close, Technically on the same road as the space)


A car guy at heart, If it has four wheels and costs a lot of money I want in.
I also have a strong interest in the technical side of productions and really anything audio or computer based.

Looking to learn:

One thing that I have always wanted to start learning is welding, I have gotten so far in car modification without it that I finally need to grow a pair and start learning.

I have also wanted to start rebuilding more engines, having previously done a few older Subaru and Toyota engines. (I live in an apartment and they have strict rules on what can be done on site, Im lucky enough as is that I have a workshop on my balcony)


Currently working full time (Store Manager Crumpler Brisbane Airport) Currently implementing the roll out of a new POS program Australia wide with Crumpler.

If you do not know Crumpler we are a Melbourne based bag company that specialize in really tough and terrible bags that come with a Lifetime Warranty. From working here for as long as I have and being a giant bag nerd I have a strong knowledge of fabrics and the like.

Previously worked in Hospitality and in the Entertainment industry for sound, lighting and staging.


Half completed BFA Technical Production (QUT) personal cicrumstances changed so I needed to stop in third year.

RSA, EWP Ticket, ASIC Holder, First Aid and hopefully soon a PPL (Private Pilot Licence) Have not started training for it yet, its just a goal.

(Lauren Shearer) #27

Lauren here, recently returned from London and naturalised Melbournian. Moving north this month.


  • Electronics; Embedded, wearable, sensors and healthcare
  • 3D printing for fun and education. Veteran of a mendelmax and rostock
  • CNC machining. (Light Metal and Wood) I like making useful and useless things (art)
  • Hardware / Tools. I built farm fences for a living and gained skill and appreciation with dangerous tools. The mini metal lathe at CCHS is my favorite tool
    Looking to learn:
  • Coping in the heat
  • C++
  • ARM / excaping arduino libraries
  • Computer vision and applications in medical image processing
  • Metallury and RF induction
  • Paediatric Cardiology (Registrar - have been for 6 years, will be for another 2)
  • Always happy to have open discussion about health issue but I’m opinionated and non-committal when it comes to other’s illnesses
  • MBBS, paediatrics now so most people are outside my scope of practice.
    • First aid implied; advanced resus qualified for children and adolescents
  • 12 months Farm Fencing (I can build an end assembly in 17 minutes. Or, I could in 2002)
  • 4 years ski instructing (Level 1 instructor)
  • 23 years in the home of a designer / builder. I sorta get working in building and instruction, as much as an outsider can.
  • Very mild superpower: the Gift of the Gab. Moderate Eloquence and intelligence such that I often end up pontificating upon diverse topics both within and outside my sphere of knowledge instead of working on my project.
  • Very Mild Super weakness: Self-esteem issues and Insecurities If I don’t have three people sitting at my feet and attending to my every word in the manner of the seers pf Delphi at least once a week, my Ego starts to shrivel and the massive insecurities of my Id threaten to crush my soul with overwhelming anxiety and depression.

I’m usually referred to as “oh, the tall one” (or “the tall Australian woman” when in the UK)
I’ll be starting work in Brisbane on 1st Feb and hope to meet people then


(dave) #28


My name is Dave.

Interests: Machining, welding and general metalworking. CNC and 3D Printing. Electronics, Arduinos and programming. Casting and smelting. Things that go boom or crash.

Looking to learn: Anything and everything. I have had a recent interest in silk-screening ( for printing control panels and bezels.)

Working: Linux Engineer. Home Machinist.

Qualifications: Degree in electronics Engineering for the US Navy. ( Yup, I’m the American! Run away! Run Away!) 20+ years experience with machining. Designed and build 6 models of 3D printers. Designed and built CNC routers. Plasma cutting tables, Eggbots, you name it :smile:

Just looking to help out around the space and hopefully learn a thing or two.

(Marc Anthony) #29

Hey HS,

I’m Marc. Just signed up recently and am super impressed with the culture and craftiness. I don’t have any craft skills, and have basically come into contact with nothing cooler than the odd screwdriver since high school. I’d like to change that, and would love to do so by trying out some simple green projects in the space (moved from a queenslander with a yard to a tiny studio in the valley).
I’m hoping I can bring something of value to the space in exchange for annoyingly standing over your shoulder and asking, ‘what’s that? can I try?’

Interests: plants, words, people, learning
Looking to learn: basic toolcraft and salvage construction (esp. woodwork), irrigation systems, applied permaculture, whatever else people have the patience to teach me
Studying/Working: currently teaching at a school in Logan, projecting to study Masters of Applied Linguistics
Qualifications: Cert.II in Horticulture, I watched Burke’s Backyard once

(jaisthorpe) #30

Hello, my name is Jamie Aisthorpe and just joined recently

Interests:Game Development, Chiptune Music, Electronics, Art Digital/ Traditional, :3D printing, Wood work, wood carving, metal work, blacksmiths and lots more.
Looking to learn: CNC cutting + a lot of electronics

Studying/Working: Game Development tutor

Qualifications: Bachelor of Interactive entertainment: Game design

(Michael_Joachim) #31

Hi, I’m Michael and I am an American-Canadian who has lived in the western suburbs of Brisbane for about a year. I’m truly stoked to find such a welcoming place where I can work (and perhaps collaborate!) on projects.

Interests: woodworking, jewelry-making, ceramics, 3D modeling and graphic design.

Looking to learn: Lasercutting, intro to CNC, woodworking, machining and light metalworking, and converting my 3D models into tangible items.

Studying/Working: Dreaming of starting a small business in arts and crafts while working as a graphic designer at various government contract gigs.

Qualifications: BS in graphic design, Diploma in 3D modeling and visual effects, and experience assembling electronics and motion-control devices at an engineering firm, where I used a lasercutter and tools in a production environment. I worked for six years as a 3D modeler at a video game studio, using Autodesk Maya.

I am eager to learn. Oh, there’s still so much to learn…

(Michael) #32

Greetings and salutations all.

My name is Michael and I doubt I will ever get to a meeting as I live on the Gold Coast and am lucky to get a spare night to be there in time for a get together.

I spoke with a young man at the Supanova convention regarding 3D printing, as there are some things I would like to be created if possible.
But in the interest of the forum, I thought I’d load up information about myself, as I may have some knowledge to pass on. And I definitely know I have things I want to learn. And things may change, so I may get to Brisbane for an Induction.

Interests: Reading books, writing stories, martial arts, drawing, Hero Quest (DnD style board game), fitness, eating and computers.
Looking to learn: 3d printing, 3d modeling, possibly return to computer programming.
Studying/Working: Working in Managed Service based IT company.
Qualifications: 3rd year (incomplete Associate Diploma of Information Technology), Blue belt level 2 in Henry Sue’s circular Tong Long kung fu.

(Lauren Shearer) #33

If you’re thinking of stuff for Hero Quest, have a look at Hero Forge

(Michael) #34

Its good, but doesnt quite have the pose I’m after. But it is a good option for my kids I think.
Good birthday presents for them.

(king.michaelr) #35

Hi, I’m Michael. Given that there are quite a few people named Michael roaming these parts I also respond to Doc.

Interests: Computers (mainly hardware, some software (it’s been a while since I did any programming so I’m extremely rusty)), wearable technology (blame the Fallout series for this), anime.

Looking to learn: I need to get back into programming, definitely want to get into Arduino and Pi-variants for projects, as well as other electronics; blacksmithing and metalwork.

Working: Industrial Electrician for a rail company (currently Aurizon)

Qualifications: Cert III in Electrotechnology (Systems Electrician), First Aid Certificate

([permanently inactive]) #36

G’day! I’m Scott.
I joined up looking for tools and material to tinker with relating to bicycles and trailers mostly. Aluminium and steel mostly for me.
Just joined up so still getting the hang of the spaces and everything, will be up for a yarn if you’re round.

(Andrewm) #37

If you make a bicycle trailer then make sure you post info. I have been keen to tig one up for ages.

([permanently inactive]) #38

Sweet, will try to remember to mention it to my friend who’s just joined too, not sure of their forum ID but is building a trailer from a billycart and is keen to learn welding. I’ve got BOB Yak and Bikes At Work 64A trailers, and will be more looking to do modifications to them, such as vertical supports for carrying upright loads.

(Guy Reece) #39

Interests : long walks on the beach , good food , monstrous fighting robots

(Fiona Findlay) #40


I like to make stuff.

I’ve a keen interest in yarn crafts and do quite a lot of crochet (see the Psyduck I did floating around in Slack).
Have signed up to the Craft Punk and DigiFab causes, and about to add the woodshop to that list as I’m keen to learn some more skills and make useful things.

Have 3 subjects left before I’m a fully qualified Library Technician, and have a background in personal insurance, library/info services and disability support work.

Oh, also I make gingerbread houses :slight_smile:

(Brady Cronin) #42

Hi all

My name is brady.

Interests: building anything, reading anything and everything. heavy machinary, sport go the cowboys, web design and programming.

What i want to learn: as much as possible. Programming and web design and anything else you lads and ladettes have in those juicy brains.

Qualifications: heavy earthmoving diesel fitter and landscaper.

Any help with choosing my next trade or degree would be awesome.

(Eris Ryan) #43

Hello everyone my name is eris. Yes my parents picked the name.

Interests include plant tissue culture, mycology, 3d printing, cnc, metalwork, electronics, home brew, gardening, volunteering, activism / the zeitgeist movement, paragliding, mountain climbing, hiking and stuff.

looking to learn cnc g code, 3d modeling again, silversmithing and jewelry/metal casting.

Gainfully unemployed

applied science Degree (chemistry), certificate 2 production engineering, 10 years instrumentation technician, EWP/heights/bobcat/excavator/front end loader/roller/telescopic forklift/SCUBA open water 1/35 hrs paragliding/advanced awesomeness

(Connor Litchfield) #44

Connor Litchfield

Interests: Electronics, Metal Work.
Looking to learn: EVERYTHING!
Studying/Working: Auto Electrician For Brisbane Transport Bus’s
Qualifications: Auto Electrician

Hay I attended the open night last night 20/09/2016 everyone was nice and easy to get along with I can’t wait to come back as a member.

Anyone need help with electrical on cars, trucks or bus’s swing me a PM I’ll be more than happy to lend a hand.

(Rose Bailey) #45

Hi, I’m Rose!


  • Design
  • Photography
  • General arts and crafts
  • Sewing
  • Computers and Electronics

Looking to learn:

  • 3D Printing
  • Laser cutting
  • Woodwork
  • Programming

I am a freelance graphic and web designer, and also work in administration as a day job.


  • Bachelor of Creative Industries
  • Diploma of Graphic Design