Member Introductions

(Michael) #46

Hi, my name is Michael, but some people just call me Vlad (due to my username in many places) or “Hey You, Get away from that!” or “redneck idiot”… Anyway I was asking questions on a social network re 3D printing and they said "look up hackerspace’ so here I am…

Interests: Motorcycles, 4WD, Firearms, History (see my site,steampunk.
Frustrations: Computers, Electronics… but I do try.
Looking to learn: 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC, and general fabrication skills (incl welding)
Working: “Slave to the man” in an office job.
Qualifications: Nothing relevant… unless you need someone with majors in Zoology, Journalism and Ancient History

I’ve stated the following projects (implying I’ve finished none, yet)

  • Honda CX500 café racer project
  • Steampunk themed PC case mod
  • lots of other stuff.

(Caleb Brian) #47

Hey, everyone, my name’s Caleb.

Interests: I’m into robotics, rock climbing, computer vision, fountain pens, coffee and literature, I also play a few video-games when I can eke out the time but that’s been slim lately!

Looking to learn: I used to think I was a pretty good programmer, turns out it’s just good in a robotics sphere so I’m really after some good programming fundamentals. Best practices and utilisation and OOP. Also interested in wood turning as I’d like to start making my own fountain pens!

Studying/Working: I’m a Mechatronics Engineering student at QUT and very much enjoying it when things go right!

Qualifications: Nothing formal as of yet, but if you’ve got a question about computer/robotic vision it’s a bit of a passion so I’d love to chat, that and pulling perfect shots of espresso machines. Also, if you want someone to bore you to tears over fountain pens and ink then pull up a seat.

(Jane) #48

Hey all, I am Janette,

Interests: biology, knitting, cooking and baking, piano, taxidermy - bones and bugs mostly, gardening, books, astronomy, art, the odd video game (not much time); a big interest is setting up a citizen run biology lab for biohackers and workshops
Looking to learn: coding - currently focused on Python, but would like to try Arduino and any others as I go), circuitry, 3D printing, building gadgetry, more on principles of design
Studying/Working: Scientist at QLD Brain Institute: I run the genomics facility
Qualifications: BSc (Microbiology) MSc (Clinical Biochemistry)

(Steph Piper) #49

Good to have you here, @GeekyJane! I’ve been following some of your progress on BioHack QLD Facebook group and am very interested to see where it leads. If you drop into HSBNE over the coming weeks, we’ll have to have a chat!

(Colin Smith) #50

Name is Colin
Interests: Electronics, arduino, 3d printing, machining, electromechanical design, general engineering, computers, watercooling, modifications, tinkercad. Solar and renewable energy. Typical stuff.

Looking to learn: coding! more coding! Specifically arduino, and i really want to get into IoT and Pi programming. machining, design, construction.

Qualifications: Military Certificate 4 in electronics and optics from RMIT. First Aid, basic machining and basic mechanical construction, design and repair.

(Jane) #51

Thanks for the welcome @sjpiper145. Hoping to get over to your HSBNE next week for a chat and the to check your ops out.

And if you or any other members are keen - we are having our first meeting, details on the BioHack QLD FB page. Definitely think there’s going to be a lot of opportunity for the two groups to collaborate. Just need to find the time and $$ to get the bio operations off the ground!

See you soon.

(AP) #52

Hi folks,
My name’s Ananthapadmanabhan Ranganathan… but for purposes of sanity, most people call me AP.

Interests: Music, play guitar and drums, tinkering with music sources (speakers, players etc), woodworking, bicycling, reading (books, comics, magazines, articles…), writing, hiking, climbing, environment and sustainability, activism, cooking, mixing cocktails

Looking to learn: Electronics, woodworking, metalworking, 3D printing, fabrication, playing and making music (are there other musos around?), working on bicycles, building instruments, building speakers, music players, turntables, a whole lot of other things based on what others are doing at HSBNE

Working: Devops Engineer with Expedia Inc

Qualifications: Bachelor of Engineering

Look forward to interacting with and learning from you all…

(AP) #53

Hi @GeekyJane / @sjpiper145
I’m interested too. I’ve been wanting to tinker with BCIs, and didn’t quite know where to start. If you folks are having a meetup around that, I’m keen to swing by. I’ll check out the Biohack QLD meetup / FB as well.

@Svenska / @ollie / @scott.f.mackinnon : If you folks are doing bike related work, I’m keen to swing by, have a chat, learn and help.


(01cpaton) #54

Hey, names Christopher.

Interested in 3d printing, metal work and odd bit of electronics.

Looking to learn 3d printing, metal lathe and mills, cnc, forging and maybe with luck a little casting.

Qualifications Cert IV in aeroskills mechanical, and brush electroplating / anodising.

(Giles Puckett) #55

Hi all, Giles here.

Interests: electric cars/bikes, recumbent/alternative bicycles, energy tech, sustainability, 3D printing, and lots of other stuff (see also my pet website at )
Everything people are doing in HS is interesting in some way.
Skills: Programming (C/Python, embedded, Windows), machine shop, electronics, restoring cars/bikes, jack-of-all-trades.
Qualifications: B.Sc. (Syd) majoring pure maths/computer science. It’s all a blur from the seventies.
Working: Recently retired, so have plenty of time ( <— sarcasm) Before that, a principal SW engineer at Canon Information Systems Research Australia.

(Luke Ramage) #56

Hi All,

My name is Luke and I’m a new recruit. I envy people who can make anything. So I’m hear to learn!

Interests: I have a passing interest in almost everything. Which is a good thing, right?
Looking to learn: Intermediate woodworking and basic metalworking… as well as pretty much everything else.
Studying/Working: Currently looking for work. Most of my experience is in IT, but I’ve done other stuff too.
Qualifications: Bach. Psych Sci.

(Natasha Rutherford) #57


My name is Natasha (or just Tash). I actually live out in the boonies a bit west of Morayfield, so I don’t get in often. Also I’m kind of shy and you all scare me because you all seem really smart and I’m a bit slow sometimes.

Interests: Coding, Gardening, Sustainability, Homesteading, Web Dev (full stack), IoT, Reading Fantasy, Gaming, recently Minimilism

Looking to learn: Electronics and IoT (I have a couple of RPi’s and an Arduino, and am working my way through some tutorials. I’d like to make some practical projects for my gardens)

Studying/Working: Freelance Web Developer

Qualifications: Diploma of Web Development, Diploma of Multimedia (unfinished)

(farktelstra) #58

Welcome Tash. I do mostly weekends now, some Tuesday nights. Would like to think that I’m a decent (though perhaps not the world’s greatest) and patient teacher, so happy to help answer any questions you have.

(Natasha Rutherford) #59

Thanks Farktelstra, I’ll make an effort to try get in this weekend coming (5th or 6th). Will keep you posted :slight_smile:

(Biki) #60

I’m Lucas. Work at Rio doing electronics and software engineering. Specialise in making widgets for operators and embedded control systems that use 20% of QLD’s power making shinny primary aluminium.

I’m my spare time I design small pcb projects to further my analogue front end and power supply design skills.

Interests: coding, Ubuntu, electronics and CAD. Cars and general shit posting.

Looking to learn: lathe, tig and mill

Working: full time full stack dev/arch from ADC to reporting layer. From caps, pcb schematic vhdl, protocol to summarisation and paramaterisation.

Qualifications: BSc CS

(Allan Hunt) #61

Hey everyone! My name is Allan. Fair warning, totally ignorant person here re: crafting stuff! But I’m looking to learn before I burn my face off.

I have two main goals. First, to learn something different than what I’ve done before. Second, hopefully to put these skills to use in a small business providing low-cost go equipment to Australian individuals and clubs. But that’s more in the way of a long-term plan - first I need to learn about a thousand things.

Interests: Go, psychology, but really just learning stuff
Looking to learn: CNC (particularly as it pertains to wood engraving), glass casting/sintering, 3D printing
Studying: PhD (psychology) Working: Tutor, some share trading/investing, miscellaneous short-term money-making
Qualifications: B Psych, B Criminology, MPhil (Psychology), Grad Cert Higher Education

(Michael Richmond) #62

Hi Hi!

My name is Michael but you can call me Michael. Or just shout a name in my general direction and stare at me and I’ll probably respond :stuck_out_tongue: I’m looking to be a semi-regular face around and hopefully will be able to contribute to the space in some way once I get myself sorted out!

Interests: Blacksmithing, Metallurgy, Electronics, Robotics, Boardgames, Dice, Games in general, Outdoors, Books, Anime, etc, etc

Looking to learn: Blacksmithing, How to use some of the bigger tools so I can use them when I need to.

Working: WSP in the Water Team as a Graduate Engineer

Qualifications: BA Engineering (Mehcatronics)

I have a background in robotics but have a range of projects that I’m wanting to work on, starting with learning to Blacksmith.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

(Stuart Longland) #63

Hi all, thought I’d poke my head in on the forum, and will probably join up before long.

I’ve known of the group for some time, but it’s my father’s announcement that he was thinking of getting a milling machine (for circuit boards) that made me think further of this place.

Background: I’m a double-degree holder… Bachelor of Engineering (Telecommunications) / Bachelor of IT (Software Engineering)… and these days, I’m a full-stack software developer and network administrator at VRT Systems… so front-end web development, back-end server code in NodeJS & Python, database development in SQLite & PostgreSQL, Linux kernel development and even the boot-loader is not sacred. Presently, I’ve been getting very intimate with the TI CC2536 MCU, in the context of OpenThread.

Outside of work, I do a good amount of experimental work with electronics and with microcontrollers, mostly ARM and AVR architectures… I’ve also had run-ins with Rabbit 3000 and TI MSP-430.

In the past I have contributed to Gentoo (maintaining their MIPS port), and there are a few contributions around the place to my name including U-Boot and the Linux kernel.

I presently hold the amateur radio callsign VK4MSL… and in January, will clock up 10 years on-air. (Come October, and it’ll be 10 years with this call-sign.) I have been commonly heard on the 2m band, “bicycle mobile”… and have been known to call in on some 40m and 20m nets (and one 80m net when conditions are good) also from the bicycle… and have even made some overseas contacts that way. Starting to dabble with packet… in fact, I have a crazy idea to hack 6LoWPAN to run over AX.25, having played with it at work.

I come with an open mind and a desire to share. While I’ll probably be more electronics/IT focussed… the digital fabrication looks interesting, and while I’m not into cosplay, I do have a stack of clothing in need of repair that I’d like to learn how to mend.

Having talked with a few of you, there is a bit of talk of possibly setting up an amateur radio station (which I see has been discussed before) and if we can get enough of a group together, possibly start offering training in amateur radio as well.

Anyway, I think I’ve woffled on enough. :wink: Probably will see some of you at a future get-together.

(Zach ) #64

Hello everyone reading,

Long time reader first time poster.

Interests : electronics, physical computing,

Looking to learn : short term: home automation, MQTT , Openhab RPI 3: long term: sculpture in metal and clay.

Qualifications: first aid, fire advisor, WHS; master of none

I’m currently building a house and very interested in Openhab home automation. I would be very happy to get paid help setting up my house on Openhab and MQTT to read motion detection lights, window sensor and site map. I’m talking about teaching a man to fish so I can eat forever.

Looking forward to meeting you all. Next open meeting

(Ian ) #65

That is exactly what we are doing now… If you want to talk about it etc… Let me know.