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Hi ,
My name is Evelyn.
I am new to this site, I’m interested in the laser machine & the cnc machine.
I would like to learn about putting a design onto a Star Wars lightsaber hilt.
I hope someone can steer me in the right direction or if anyone has done this.
The lightsaber is aluminium & it’s a tube with internal battery pack & switches.

(Ajay) #67

Howdy all,

I joined a little while ago but haven’t been around much yet. That’s all due to change soon with the arrival of my trailer. Then I’ll be around every day. All day. And some nights.
Because I have a lofty ambition to build a house. On a trailer. Otherwise known as a Tiny House on Wheels (THOW).
It’s a lofty goal because I have very little DIY or reno experience. Just a well aged engineering degree(s), occasional furniture building and many years rebuilding pumps and various geological equipment. But the best way to learn is to do and I’m not afraid to bring in help when I need it.
Why a Tiny House?

  1. It’s mobile but it’s not a caravan. Designed to be lived in full time and moved only occasionally. Something to suit my nomadic nature.
  2. To get out of the rent/mortgage trap. Because housing is bloody expensive in Australia.
  3. I believe current housing design is terribly inefficient and with a keen interest in sustainability, inefficiency irks me.
    Anyway, the house will be built in the quad (next to the Wonky Queenslander and the Caravan), will measure around 6m long x 2.4m wide x 4.3m high. I’m hoping 2-3 months to get to lockup stage.
    I love the sense of community around maker spaces. I’ll occasionally be reaching out for help with stuff I can’t, or shouldn’t, do myself (such as gasfitting, wiring, plumbing etc) and happy to pay for qualified work. I’ll also be donating whatever tools I buy to the space at the end of the project.

Thanks for reading.

Tiny House on Wheels Project
(piecesofeight) #68

Hi all,

I’m David:

My two main interests are to create a Micro-brewery and to create a 5 axis CNC.
I am looking to learn more CNC and all manner of metal-working and fabrication techniques.
I hold a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Hons) and a Grad-dip in Engineering Management.
I work as a controls engineer in HVAC.

I would be happy to learn and participate in cross collaboration projects to learn more IT (especially programming).

(Drew Spriggs) #69

Welcome mate. I’d suggest you get in touch with @Svenska or even head along to the Friday night CNC nights

(Andrewm) #70

Dave, Your sure to get a lot of enthusiasm for a micro brewery. In fact if you need any electronics help with that project hit me up. I presently only use cooper/brigalow “packet soup” mixes but am keen to look at full grain stuff.

Also what size 5 axis CNC are you looking to make. Something like Pocket-NC or something that could make a full size engine block.

(piecesofeight) #71

I’ll be commencing another all grain setup, one much smaller than one I built using a store bought controller about a year ago.
See attached time lapse:

This time around I want to start from the ground up, and I would definitely appreciate any help and advice.

As for 5 axis - build size equivalent to pocket NC, with a design intent to machine steel.

(Zac Forrester) #72

Hi, I’m Zac

Im interested in learning metalworking and blacksmithing, including casting.

My real passion is to take junk and reinvent it as something new. Bicycle cogs make great flowers in steel gardens etc. And hopefully to take scrap steel and turn it in to kitchen knives, but that project is 3rd in the que!!)

No work or study. I’m on a pension due to medical grounds.

Diploma of remedial massage, which i don’t do anymore for a few reasons, such as shoulder problems…

(Stuart Longland) #73

I should rummage around and see how many old cassettes I have laying around. I’m sure I’ve got at least one set that could make a nice metallic garden for you.

(Zac Forrester) #74

You’re a legend. Thanks bro :blush:

(Stuart Longland) #75

Not sure when I’ll next be at the space… but I’ll keep these on one side and try to remember to bring them with me. There’s a couple of (worn) disc brake rotors and a chan that might be useful in the artwork (maybe the stem?).

(Zac Forrester) #76

That is amazing. Thanks man. A little bit of paint and instant flowers!!!

There are a couple of deceased bikes out back near the blacksmithing venue. Maybe you can leave them there? Or i could even pick them if you wanted to leave them out somewhere…

(Noven Purnell- Webb) #77

Greetings all! I am Noven, a geek who has just returned to Brisbane after almost two decades living across the country and overseas. I’ve built and sold a Cloud based MSP business, managed AusAid funded IT projects across SE Asia and the pacific, designed and implemented community internet centers and town wireless networks across the outback and been involved with a couple of startups.

Interests: Things that go boom, dancing with fire,
Sci-Fi, psychedelics
Looking to learn: Mechatronics related skills, wearable electronics
Studying: Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering
Working: Technical Sales Engineer (cloud based IT systems)
Qualifications: Dip. IT (Network Engineering), Senior First Aid

(Ian Redmond) #78

I’m Ian.
I’m a pom come to Brizvegas with my Australian family.
Looking to contribute in any way I can.
I’m pretty handy, having refurbed several houses in London.

Interests : Coding, Robotics, Computer archeology, Woodwork

Looking to learn : Powertool woodworking. blacksmithing.

Working : Film, TV and Radio engineering.

Qualifications : BEng Microelectronics and Software Engineering, but that was in the 80’s - Punched cards, anyone?

Projects :
Finally unpacked some of my on-the-go (read: unfinished) projects…

Refurb ‘Space Invaders II’ cocktail cabinet. DOA in Oz - mobo finally died. Rebuilding (around an old laptop this time).

Godzilla pinball - I picked up a complete playfield (no electronics) in the UK. I have the lights and sensors working and some basic game logic. Looking to power the larger solenoids - 4 x ATX PSUs in series is my current(!) plan… Then I’ll need to build a cabinet. If only I had access to a tablesaw…

Robot - Fitted with LIDAR from a Neato vacuum cleaner. Works great. Working on wall/corner recognition and navigation. Using Mosquitto/MQTT for comms between subsystems (python).

Woodworking - currently building a chest of drawers using handtools only. Slow but satisfying.


(Alicia) #79

Hi everyone, I’m Alicia

Interests: Robotics, programming, electronics, sewing, model building, woodwork
Looking to learn: All of the things! Electronics, woodwork
Studying: IT Masters - Human-Robot Interaction, shortcourses in robotic vision
Working: Robotics pilot project manager, ICT procurement
Qualifications: Bachelor of Business, Diploma of Fashion (almost)

(Nick Clews) #80

Hi all, I am Nick aka Clewsy
I have a background in industrial steel design & fabrication.
Working as a full time steel & tensile membrane drafter.
I am interested in wood & metal working, planing to make a few furniture/household items incorporating wood, metal & minor electronics.
Also I am interested in re-purposing & reusing discarded materials rather than using new material.
Would like to learn about welding (steel, stainless & aluminum if possible) and general metalworking. Casting (aluminum & copper if possible). As well as cnc processing.

(Beau Jorgensen) #81

Hey guys, I’m Beau. I’m a professional drummer some of the time (when there’s work), and a keen maker all of the time. I’m starting a business making drums and I’m in need of some machinery in order to do so. I’ve been interested in HSBNE for years, but never really had a good excuse to come check it out. I’m hoping to up my skillset and produce said machinery myself/with the help of others.

Interests: Music, Woodworking, Coffee.
Looking to learn: Metalworking, welding and fabrication in particular, but I’m keen to learn as much as possible! CNC is particularly of interest.
Studying/Working: Fresh graduate of JMI (Jazz Music Institute), currently self-employed starting up my business on the NEIS program.
Qualifications: Bachelor of Music, years of hands on experience in my dad’s workshop (woodworking).

Looking forward to getting to know you all and the awesome facilities at HSBNE.

(Kim) #83

Hi all

I’m Kim. I do web development for work, so I like making things IRL in my spare time.

My main thing is pottery/ceramics so my primary goal right now is making tools for doing that. So that mostly means woodworking, laser cutting and 3d printing.

I’m always experimenting though so I imagine I’ll try everything eventually :slight_smile:

(Shaun Stone) #84


My name’s Shaun and I recently starting living in a van full time. It’s not actually completed - I still need to build all the cabinets. But I think I’ve reached the limit of my abilities/confidence to cut in straight lines with just a circular saw so here I am, looking to get involved, and looking forward to having a stove and sink. On that note, if anyone’s able to show me the ropes with the miter saw and tablesaw, I’d be very grateful.

I’m more than happy to help out where I can, share the knowledge/skills I’ve picked up while building the van, and chat to anyone about all things vanlife (or anything else).

Interests: Woodworking, rock climbing, alternative living spaces
Looking to learn: More woodworking, welding, CNC, electronics, anything really
Studying/Working: Halfway through a paramedic degree
Qualifications: PADI Divermaster…that’s about it for formal qualifications.

(Liam Phillips) #85

Hey everyone,

I’m Liam, just finished my induction last night. My main interest is metalworking, something I’ve been doing for the past 3-4 years, learning as many different skills as I can. I make knives at home when the weather isn’t horrible (The shed is a 3m x 3m sheet metal hotbox, Summer is the worst).

Interests: Metalworking, Firearms (design and use), Edged tools, 3D printing manufacture

Looking to learn: 3D printing, Electronics, CNC machining (lathe and mill), Wood working (carving)

Studying/Working: None at the moment

Cert 1 Engineering (Fabrication)
Cert 2 Engineering (Mechanical General)
Cert 2 Bicycle mechanics
Cert 2 Road transport & Yard operations (can’t remember why I did this one)
Cert 3 Media (done so long ago I’ve lost the skills I gained from it)
I’ve been around the block doing work experience at car mechanics as well, so if you have car related questions I may be able to help!

(Lee Reid) #86

Hi Everyone, I’m Lee. Very new…

Music (am a drummer), programming, hiking, swimming, blah blah blah. Currently learning Spanish.

Looking to learn:
Woodwork, a small amount of carving…whatever project comes to mind really.

Post Doc Neuroscientist / Software engineer at CSIRO in Herston. My current work is about developing MRI analysis software and some virtual reality stuff to help brain surgeons stop cutting out the wrong bits of brain…

PhD Neuroscience / Medical Imaging
MSc & PGDip Sci Medical Science
BSc Physiology
All of which are really helpful in the wood workshop :wink: