Member Introductions

(Benny) #87

Hi all,

I attended the open night tonight and am really looking forward to applying and spending more time at HS.

Interests: photography, marketing, design, skate boarding, traveling, little homes, renewable energy.

Looking to learn: 3D printing, laser cutting, wood working and welding.

Studying/Working: Self Employed - Strategic Marketing Consultant

Qualifications: Scuba, RPL, RePL, Boat, PWC just to name a few and no University degrees.


Hi all,

I’m Sam! New to Brisbane, just moved from Newcastle, NSW.

Looking to use this space for audio design prototyping and general DIY or artistic fun.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Industrial Design, Cert 2 Metal and Engineering.
Have experience in: Laser cutting, CNC machining, welding, lathes, injection moulding etc
Looking to learn: more woodworking, blacksmithing, workshop systems.

(John Tennock) #89

Hi I’m John (a.k.a. John),

Intending to become a paid up member of HSBNE, with a new project, when my current project, now almost in beta test, is finished. Meantime I’m planning to attend as many Tuesday open nights as possible to ‘get the vibe’.

Current Project - Developing (in FileMaker Pro) a custom membership billing system to meet the unique requirements of an alternative, off-grid, rural landsharing cooperative of which I am treasurer.

Experience - Lifelong career in electronics and IT including remote, sole-charge roles and challenges.

Interests - Climate Change Action. Alternative economic and ownership models. CNC machining particularly as related to wooden boats. Fixing broken stuff to divert from waste.

Skills - FileMaker Pro 16 Advanced. Joomla Content Management System. Woodwork (esp wooden boat building). MYOB and other accounting software.

(Troy Turner) #91

Hi I’m Troy

Interests: collecting vinyl, live music, vintage hifi, tennis
Looking to learn: electronics basics, learn to repair and restore vintage hifi systems (component, stereograms, etc)
Studying/Working: state government
Qualifications: bachelor of Communications, First Aid, can tie own shoe laces, pen license

Would love to learn from anyone about electronics.



Hi I’m Shravan, currently in my 3rd year of Mechatronic Engineering at QUT and finished my induction this week. I work as a software developer.

Interests: I like most things to do with Automotive Electronics and Robotics. I like learning languages (human and programming).
Looking to Learn: Metalwork and machining skills.
Qualifications: Nothing… although I know a fair bit about car mechanics, Node.JS and Python

(Brad Johnson) #93

Hello Everyone. I’m planning on coming to your open night tomorrow to let everyone and join. I am currently a 3rd year apprentice Fitter and Turner (Machinist). Just moved to Brisbane from Victoria.

Interests: Rapid Fabrication (CNC, Laser, 3D printing, Welding), Programming (Pi, Arduino, Console hacking)
Looking to learn: CNC, TIG Welding
Studying/Working: Cert 4 in engineering.
Qualifications: Welding (MIG, Stick and OXY), Milling, Turning.

(Drew Spriggs) #94

Hey mate, sounds like you’ll be a great addition to the knowledge pool in our metal/machine shop!

I’ll be floating around in the shop tomorrow night, so definitely come and introduce yourself

(Dion Patelis) #95


My name is Dion.
I called through on Tuesday night and I have to say… What a wicked setup you guys have put together!!

Looking to learn: Production moulding of RC flying wings from EPP.
Studying/Working: Starting my business
Qualifications: Control systems eng., Power eng., Computer Tech, Industrial artist.

(Amy Dallas) #96

Hi all,

I’m Amy from Team Arrow (your friendly neighbours across the quad). Current President, previous solar car driver, marketing and communications person.


  • Solar Cars
  • Robots

Looking to Learn:

  • Not sure yet, just dropping in to say hi!


  • Engineer majored in Robotics and automation


  • Engineering Bachelor

(Alan ) #97

Hi my name is Alan (smeghead on discord)

Interests: Rockclimbing, Gaming, scuba diving, snowboarding

Looking to learn: Blacksmithing

Studying/Working: I’m working for a camping retailer (Tentworld)

Qualifications: Bachelors in Games design and interactive entertainment, Master diver SSI, Forklift ticket

(Jared Dalrymple) #98

Hi everyone,
My name is Jared

My Interests:anything DigiFab related, but I like to dabble in many things
Looking to learn: Arduino for a project I am working on
Studying/Working: Not Studying, Currently Working for a company installing and supporting CRM software
Qualifications: Cert II in IT and Life lessons learnt

Interesting Fact about me: I have Dermatographia, which is also known as skin writing. Feel free to ask me about it if you run into me at the space :slight_smile:

(Isaac Allwood) #99

Hi all, names Isaac or Illwood.

Interests: Cars, 3D printing, electronics, metal fab
Looking to learn: Welding and fabrication
Studying/Working: Electrical engineer
Qualifications: Cert 2 in IT

(Adam) #100

Good day, my names Adam.

Interests: Motorbikes, Programming, Autocad (inventor), Machining, Inventions
Looking to learn: machining, CNC, Drill press… Anything mechanical
Studying/Working: Currently working minimal hours

(Declan C) #102

Hi all, my names Declan moving to Brisbane from Canberra and I’m heading up this weekend to finalise my housing as I start work on the 3rd :scream:

Interests: Anytime Im making things Im happy :grin: I do a lot of hands on making from wood furniture to fitting and machining. Im working on an Electric Longboard at the moment but I want to make something that flys, Audio components, Manufacturing… first goal in Brisbane is to make a CNC ~mill… and anything shiny really.

Again I’m happy just learning, at the moment Im focusing on my coding, PCB and power supply design. and just “Because” Im reading up on Ionocraft and Electrohydrodynamics .

The space looks awesome Im keen to come check it out and be part of your community.

(Svenska) #103

Hi @sov,

I made an electric longboard and heaps into machining/CNC. Come find me on an open night.

(Pierce Baronoff) #104

Name: Pierce Alexander Baronoff
Nick Names: DistractionCat, DistractionKitten, Kitten, Pierce, P, Oi Idiot and so on
Interests: Combat robotics, Electric vichles, Machineing, Programing, Bio hacking, rc boats and drone’s
Looking to learn: machineing, welding, and bettering my skills in PCB Design and electronics
Studying: I’m currently studying A Bachelor Of Applied IT at Griffith Uni on the Gold Coast
Work: Im a man of many hats, but my main job is to manage servers remotly for diffrent clients
Qualifications: Cert 3 in I.t. ,Cert 3 in business and have hundreds of hours of corces under my belt along with self taught mechatronics skils and self taught skills in Fusion 360 and Solid works

I’m always trying to learn new things and help people where ever I can, I have a strong belief that robots are the way of the future for everything from medical applications to entertainment.

(Mike Imelfort) #105

Hey. I’m Mike

I’m coming along to hang out with interesting people and get better / start doing more digifab stuff. I like building stuff, especially out of rubbish.

I have a PhD / work in Bioinformatics and I’m currently based out of home working for a Biotech startup in Sydney. I’ll be coming into the space on some weekdays so I up my weekly number of human interactions. I’m also hoping that some 3D printing / laser cutting knowledge will osmosis itself into my head :wink:

I like being part of communities and I like contributing towards to making them run nicely. The most work I currently do in this space is with HealthHack where I’m one of the long time core organisers.

Looking forward to meeting y’all soon.

(Nathan Beveridge) #106

:+1:t2: The plan has worked! They think we’re human…oops…shouldn’t have typed that out loud…

(Mike Imelfort) #107

My plan has worked. The Robots posing as Humans have accepted me.

(Rory Jones) #108

Hi all! I’m Rory. And, after a good 6 years or so of occasionally coming for a few weeks, and then buggering off for another two years, I figure I’ll start coming regularly, and actually join; so, here I am! And I couldn’t be happier to be here - seriously. Hackerspace is just plain awesome and I can’t wait to be further involved.

Now, onto the four questions.
Interests: A lot! Mainly electronics, computer networking, photography, metalworking, machining, and automotive.

Looking to learn: Many things! I know precisely nothing about machining, 3D printing, software development, and very little about electronics. All of these are things I really want to learn, and learn as much as I can about them!

Studying/Working: Neither, unfortunately. I am about to try doing Uber Eats, and move close to/in to the city, from Caboolture, as this will make future study and work much easier!

Qualifications: Nowhere near enough. The most recent thing I studied was about 90% or so, of a Networking diploma at Southbank Institute of Technology (TAFE), in 2014. I’m looking to study the above, and my goal is to one day become an engineer. In what? I honestly don’t know, yet!

Thanks for indulging my waffling on, it’s great to be here, and I can’t wait to contribute what I can to the space.

Cheers, all!