Member Introductions

(Garrett Mascelle) #109

Hey everyone, I’m Garrett.

Interests: If I’m learning, building or fixing something, I’m happy. Most of my skills are related to building and construction but I’ve also done a bit of electronics/craft in my spare time. Most things I make are tools and equipment to use at work, or something to go in the garden.

Looking to learn: I really want to learn more about electronics and things like arduino. I’m also interested in learning more about metal work and forming plastic. I’m sure I’ll have a go at most things, everything I’ve seen looks really interesting so far.

Studying/Working: I’m a glazier by trade. My time is split between working as an abseiler in the city and running my own small business. If anyone ever wants a piece of glass or some spare parts/advice/help with anything related to windows, doors, shower screens, work at height etc I’m always happy to help.

Qualifications: Just my apprenticeship (Cert 3) and IRATA abseiling ticket.

Also I have a question, has anyone considered having a go at glass blowing? I’m not sure what gear would be required but I’ve always thought it looks like fun. It just crossed my mind after having a look at the blacksmithing area.

Thanks for the welcome and I look forward to meeting you all soon. Cheers!

(Jonathan Webber) #110

I’m a ropey sometimes, usually just shut downs and inspections. Say hi some time.

(Josh Scott-Jouer) #112

Greetings HSBNE makers!

My name is Josh (another one)

Just returned to Brisbane after working as a metal work and design teacher in Northern NSW.

Interests: Bicycle building, Tiny houses, Aquaculture, Arduino sensing and automation, Restoration of old tools - eg horizontal mill, Construction of new tools.

Looking to learn: CAD/CAM to use with CNC mill, laser cutter, resin printer. More electronics and use of Arduino/Raspberry Pi.

Studying/Working: Recently Teaching high school metalwork and industrial design. Before that backend/frontend web portal programming.

Qualifications: BSc in comp sci, A lifetime of house building and renovating, most of a Dip Ed.

Great to see all the enthusiastic people at HSBNE, and looking forward to getting to know you!

(Garrett Mascelle) #114

Will do.

(Kathie Overeem) #115

Hi I’m Kathie, I’m excited to be here :smiley:… about me:

Interests: mix media arts and cosplay (I’m just getting into sewing, very much a beginner)
Looking to learn: metal- and woodworking, and to enhance my sewing skills and costume fabrication
Studying/Working: Fibre artist and yoga teacher… a nice reprieve after study and 9 years as a postdoc in neuroscience
Qualifications: Ph.D. in Psychology i.e., behavioural neuroscience

(Zac Forrester) #116

Sounds great! If you need a hand in either the woodshop or metal shop let me know :wink:

(Coco) #117

Hello everybody!

My name is Coco and I am from Spain. I moved to Brisbane a few months ago with my aussie wife, so I’m kinda new to the city, to Australia, and to a lot of things. I’m very happy to have joined HSBNE and I look forward to meet you all in person!

Interests: Design, woodwork, leather work, upholstery, gaming, board games, tiny houses, movies, stock/crypto trading, crowdfunding platforms, traveling and hiking around Australia…
Looking to learn: Wood and metal work mostly, with a focus on blacksmithing. I also look forward to improving my leather working skills.
Working: I have worked as an Industrial Designer for more than 7 years, and now I’m working for a local company that designs and manufactures Furniture and Lighting.
Qualifications: Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Design and a few short courses in upholstery, leather working, online marketing, realistic rendering…

Quick note: If anybody needs any help in 3D modeling, rendering or leather work, I’m game!

See you all around!

(Jacques) #118

Hi Coco,
Nice to meet you on-line here.
I would appreciate your inputs on some of my products.
Let me know when you are around.
I will be here until Xmas.


(Coco) #119

Hi Jacques,

Nice to meet you too! I’d love to take a look at your work, I’ll let you know when I plan to be around so that we can have chat.



(Gabriel Camp) #120

I’m Gabriel (Gabe)

Interests:Too Many! Electronics, Gaming, Photography, Metalworking, Machining, Woodworking,Mechanical Keyboards.

Looking to learn: 3d printing / design, Blacksmithing, Knife making,Programming,Jewelry making, get back my welding and machining skills that i haven’t used in years.

Working: I have been working as a chef for 23 years. I spend a lot of my spare time making things.

Qualifications:Qualified Chef, used to be a certified welder (gtaw all positions for steel , alu, stainless) but that was 20 years ago.Assistant teacher for my high school metal-shop for 3 years