Member Introductions

(Garrett Mascelle) #109

Hey everyone, I’m Garrett.

Interests: If I’m learning, building or fixing something, I’m happy. Most of my skills are related to building and construction but I’ve also done a bit of electronics/craft in my spare time. Most things I make are tools and equipment to use at work, or something to go in the garden.

Looking to learn: I really want to learn more about electronics and things like arduino. I’m also interested in learning more about metal work and forming plastic. I’m sure I’ll have a go at most things, everything I’ve seen looks really interesting so far.

Studying/Working: I’m a glazier by trade. My time is split between working as an abseiler in the city and running my own small business. If anyone ever wants a piece of glass or some spare parts/advice/help with anything related to windows, doors, shower screens, work at height etc I’m always happy to help.

Qualifications: Just my apprenticeship (Cert 3) and IRATA abseiling ticket.

Also I have a question, has anyone considered having a go at glass blowing? I’m not sure what gear would be required but I’ve always thought it looks like fun. It just crossed my mind after having a look at the blacksmithing area.

Thanks for the welcome and I look forward to meeting you all soon. Cheers!

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(Jonathan Webber) #110

I’m a ropey sometimes, usually just shut downs and inspections. Say hi some time.

(Josh Scott-Jouer) #112

Greetings HSBNE makers!

My name is Josh (another one)

Just returned to Brisbane after working as a metal work and design teacher in Northern NSW.

Interests: Bicycle building, Tiny houses, Aquaculture, Arduino sensing and automation, Restoration of old tools - eg horizontal mill, Construction of new tools.

Looking to learn: CAD/CAM to use with CNC mill, laser cutter, resin printer. More electronics and use of Arduino/Raspberry Pi.

Studying/Working: Recently Teaching high school metalwork and industrial design. Before that backend/frontend web portal programming.

Qualifications: BSc in comp sci, A lifetime of house building and renovating, most of a Dip Ed.

Great to see all the enthusiastic people at HSBNE, and looking forward to getting to know you!

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(Garrett Mascelle) #114

Will do.

(Kathie Overeem) #115

Hi I’m Kathie, I’m excited to be here :smiley:… about me:

Interests: mix media arts and cosplay (I’m just getting into sewing, very much a beginner)
Looking to learn: metal- and woodworking, and to enhance my sewing skills and costume fabrication
Studying/Working: Fibre artist and yoga teacher… a nice reprieve after study and 9 years as a postdoc in neuroscience
Qualifications: Ph.D. in Psychology i.e., behavioural neuroscience

(Zac Forrester) #116

Sounds great! If you need a hand in either the woodshop or metal shop let me know :wink:

(Coco) #117

Hello everybody!

My name is Coco and I am from Spain. I moved to Brisbane a few months ago with my aussie wife, so I’m kinda new to the city, to Australia, and to a lot of things. I’m very happy to have joined HSBNE and I look forward to meet you all in person!

Interests: Design, woodwork, leather work, upholstery, gaming, board games, tiny houses, movies, stock/crypto trading, crowdfunding platforms, traveling and hiking around Australia…
Looking to learn: Wood and metal work mostly, with a focus on blacksmithing. I also look forward to improving my leather working skills.
Working: I have worked as an Industrial Designer for more than 7 years, and now I’m working for a local company that designs and manufactures Furniture and Lighting.
Qualifications: Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Design and a few short courses in upholstery, leather working, online marketing, realistic rendering…

Quick note: If anybody needs any help in 3D modeling, rendering or leather work, I’m game!

See you all around!

(Jacques) #118

Hi Coco,
Nice to meet you on-line here.
I would appreciate your inputs on some of my products.
Let me know when you are around.
I will be here until Xmas.


(Coco) #119

Hi Jacques,

Nice to meet you too! I’d love to take a look at your work, I’ll let you know when I plan to be around so that we can have chat.



(Gabriel Camp) #120

I’m Gabriel (Gabe)

Interests:Too Many! Electronics, Gaming, Photography, Metalworking, Machining, Woodworking,Mechanical Keyboards.

Looking to learn: 3d printing / design, Blacksmithing, Knife making,Programming,Jewelry making, get back my welding and machining skills that i haven’t used in years.

Working: I have been working as a chef for 23 years. I spend a lot of my spare time making things.

Qualifications:Qualified Chef, used to be a certified welder (gtaw all positions for steel , alu, stainless) but that was 20 years ago.Assistant teacher for my high school metal-shop for 3 years

(K John Gough) #121

Hi All.

My name is John Gough (actually my passport says Kevin John Gough, but no-one has used my real first name for about sixty years).

My interests are metalworking, including welding, and blacksmithing.
I am now “fully retired” after a career working in nuclear science (10 years) and Computer Science (45 years). I still maintain a number of open-source projects, mostly technical stuff like programming language compilers and parser generator-generators. Long ago I used to build race-cars in my spare time and my current interests bring me back to the machine shop and away from the laboratory.

I have a small workshop at home but most of my projects need access to bigger machines. My main current project is a homebrew tool cutter-grinder.

I am happy to consider helping out others with stuff within my areas of expertise. I speak a number of computer programming languages including about 11 assembly languages of varying vintages.

(Jacques) #122

Hi John, pleased to read your intro. Hope to meeting you soon at the space.

(Andrewm) #123

My main current project is a homebrew tool cutter-grinder.

Something like a quorn ?

(K John Gough) #124

Hi andrewm. No not a quorn or any of the other known projects. It really is home-brew, so I can make my own mistakes and learn from it . I have posted a couple of pictures up on the project logs archive.

I have been gradually adding tool holders, starting with single point tools, then end-mills. Next in that line is the slides needed to do the spiral edges of end-mills, drills and reamers.
But before I spend more time on that I need to make the machine more rigid, and use a more powerful grind head motor.

Currently the main things I need to do is a complete rebuild of the grinding head, using a much more powerful motor.

(David Percival) #125

Hi There

Dave Percival here (Percy)

I’ve been living in Northern NSW for the last 10 years and am looking to relocate to Brisbane.
I’ve been running my own digital fabrication business, owning and operating a 2.4m x 1.2 m Shopbot CNC router and 3d printers.


CNC routing,
3d printing,
2d & 3d CAD/CAM (Rhino) (Aspire),
Arduino micro controllers,
Design, prototyping and product development with Environmental sustainability being at the core of design intent

Looking to learn;

To gain more knowledge of micro controllers and associated senors. Programming, C++ ,Python, Flamingo and Rhino3d to Arduino interfacing.


Ive been working in Bush Regeneration (Natural area restoration) for around 10 years part time and also been running a digital fabrication business in Byron Bay (CNC Routing , 3d Printing).
I am currently looking to relocate the business to Brisbane to run it full time.


I gained a Higher National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in the UK. Have worked for a number of engineering companies in the UK and Australia gaining experience mainly in the area of CAD/CAM**

(Azarel Howard) #126

Oh hi,

My name’s Azarel. (Az-a-ré-el, yes I get asked a lot) :laughing:

I’m a Brisbanite but my parents are from Central Queensland so I have a really weird combination of growing up in the city but my parents made just about everything we needed as I was growing up, furniture, clothing, etc.


Word working,
Furniture design,
Arduino systems (I currently have a lightsaber project under way using accelerometers)
Just about anything to do with computer hardware including networks,
3D modelling,
Audio design…
And way to many other things.

Looking to learn:

Wood working,
Metal working,
3D modelling and printing


Studying: Masters of Problem Solving and Design at YouTube :joy:

Working: … Day job Woolies. Side hustle I run my own IT contracting business doing tech support for small businesses mainly doing website maintenance and programming, although I do do hardware repairs as well.


Bachelor of IT major in programming, I build web applications.

(juliette) #127

Hi my name is Juliette, my older tech friends know me as cyberchic

I love all things tech. My main interests are gadgets, craft, scifi, music and gardening.
I am passionate to learn new things and meet like minded folk, also share ideas and have fun.

My skill set is rusty, but I have prior experience working for one of Australia’s first Internet Providers; being behind the design and startup for one of Australia largest hosting company; and worked with one of Australia’s first blockchain companies. I currently work part-time doing all ICT related work for a small independent school in Brisbane.

Please say hi if you see me.

(Adam Smith ) #128

Hi Guys,

Adam Smith here (not the Economist)

I’m a Queenslander from the mid 70’s who’s lived in NSW for the last 17 or so years and now back in the land of the sun. I’m a bit of a jack of all trades now working with Server hardware, Network interconnects and creating solutions for problems in the DataCentre and interoffice space.

CNC routing
Laser Cutting
Electronics repair
BioHacking (with and without electronic inclusion - Type1 Diabetic for ~30 years so technology here is coming thick and fast)
Retro resurrections - love bringing old tech back to life.

Looking to learn:
3d design and fabrication
Software that drives components that fabricate.

Work around the corner (381 MacArthur) and have access to oodles of older and generic tech here and at home. I’ve got three boys under 8 and they are becoming tech natives, built a Retro Arcade game out of spare parts. Still enjoy modding the PC and currently looking to move an old LCD display into window mod for the boys PC.

Bachelor of Business (IT) and Bachelor of Science (Nursing) from USQ so far out of date that anything I learned has been disproven or moved on decades ago. I was also an Apprentice Air Conditioning sparkie before this which some remnants of knowledge still linger.

I’m just up the road so intend to use the facilities here whenever the kids get the better of me, say hi I’m always happy to lend a hand and if you’re hunting for something electrical/electronic that is antiquated, I might be able to assist.


(Ryan Marple) #129

Hi, my name is Ryan. I’m a full-time QUT student in my fourth year of studying Mechatronics Engineering and Business Management. I have joined HSBNE mainly to learn and practice metalwork as I have been enjoying some basic projects over the last few years and am looking to expand my skillset.

Turning plain chunks of metal into cool (and sometimes functional) chunks of metal.
Basic woodworking (routing, planing and joinery)

Looking To Learn:
Lathe & Mill Operation
TIG Welding

Currently, I am working in the IT department at a high school and have a large involvement in the school’s robotics program. Every year we get to build a large robot and compete in a national event in Sydney.

In addition to working at the school, I am a co-founder of an engineering startup which focuses on engineering design, research and development.

Not much yet. Will have an undergraduate degree in engineering and business in a couple of years.

(Nathan Beveridge) #130

#OMGROBOTS …when Ryan says large robot… these things are the size of a washing machine! (They make 40cmX40cm ones too).
Great to have you at HSBNE Ryan.