Member Introductions

Well the one we made this year weight about 55kg, starts at about 1m tall and telescopes up to 3m tall. Here’s a quick rendering. I don’t have a video of the final robot and it’s currently in a crate on it’s way to Sydney.

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Hello all,

My name is Hamish I joined up last week.

Interests: electronics prototyping and repair, beer, motorcycles, computer games, reconfigurable computing with FPGAs, image processing and computer vision, algorithm optimisation, beer.

Looking to learn: anything and everything, 3D printing seems fun and useful

Studying/Working: My day job is as a “Research Support Specialist” at QUT, it basically boils down to helping researchers interface with university computing resources i.e. HPC platform, data-acquisition and processing workflows, code optimisation etc. I’ve previously worked as an Electrical/Control System engineer at a few mine sites in the Pilbara. I’ve recently submitted my master’s thesis for examination and am looking to build some cool things with my new found free time.

Qualifications: Hopefully a M.Phil soon. B.Eng (Electrical).


Hey folks! I’m Fionn (“fin” - it’s Irish) and i use they/them pronouns. I’ve been around since last year, but health stuff blew up suddenly. Now it’s more settled i’m hoping to get some stuff done (i have A Lot of ideas)!

Interests: Anything related to language, linguistics, literature and communication, systematising, organisation, needlework and sewing, basically anything i can make with my hands. My neurodivergence (i’m autistic and i have ADHD) means that software engineering and mathematics is really difficult so i tend to let more capable folks play with that!

Looking to learn: in the short term, woodworking and a little electronics. Long term i’d really like to forge my youngest sister a dagger for her 18th - she’s just turned 15, so i’ve a bit of time at least!

Studying/working: I’m disabled so i spend a lot of time creating. I do professional organising for 5ish hours a week, and i spend the rest of the week recovering. Chronic pain is a cruel master.

Qualifications: BFA creative and technical writing, BA linguistics is currently on hold.


Hey. I’m Max.

Interests: Metalworking, brazing/welding, bicycle frame building, bicycle design, espresso machine restoration.

Looking to learn: Oxy-acetylene torch brazing (lightweight chromoly steel tubes, brass fillets), milling, lathe turning, electronics, arduino programming.

Studying/Working: Currently on the job hunt,. Last stint was as a bicycle mechanic/shop manager and previously as a barista/espresso machine tech for a local coffee company.
Qualifications: Bachelor of engineering (Mechanical)


Max, I’d love to watch as you work on a bike frame. I’ve only made it as far as wheel building and have yet to do any frame building.

I’m Dan
I’ve got big plans for things I’d like to create and a whole bag of procrastination. I really enjoy getting involved with other peoples projects and helping out, happy to be an extra set of hands if anyone needs them. Pretty handy around the work sheds.

Interests: Woodworking, recycling and creating gear/tools for my field
Looking to learn: Joinery, 3D printing, CNC routing, basic electronics
Studying/Working: Owner of Demolition Company
Qualifications: Cert III Carpentry, Cert IV Building and Construction, Cert III Demolition Supervision, any and all asbestos courses/licences, High Risk Forklift and EWP Licences, Scissor Lift Yellow Card, Blue Card and probably a bunch more construction thingys. Theres not much I can’t drive or operate

I demolish buildings for a living. If you’re looking for recycled hardwood, furniture or metal (copper brass steel lead etc) to play with then I’m sure I have something at my shed that can be useful. Feel free to shoot me a message


Hi, let me introduce myself. My name is Alan and I like to make things I have seen on line and thought that is cool. I could make that, even if I don’t have a need for the item in questions or cannot think of a use at that point in time.

Last Tuesday my friend and I attended the HSBNE open night to find out more about the club and find out about the club facilities. I would like to also thanks to those club members who were patient enough to discuss the club and their work with us.

So back to me.

Interests - My current interest is in faceting/gem cutting and MAMe. I am currently building a bar top MAMe which has been a project for about the last 18 months (I cut the cabinet from MDF in the first week, build the pc in the second week, then got slack and have done nothing).

Over the last 12 months I have been focusing on Lapidary /faceting. I am now at the stage of should I build a faceting machine (after all it is only motor with a grinding disc attached) but does require some precision skills in working/machining aluminium/steel.

So I guess my question is has anyone ever build a faceting machine and if so would I be able to ask you any questions?

Studying/Working: ICT Risk Management
Qualifications: BCom (Finance and Accounting / Information System Management and Design)


Hi Alan, while I’ve never built a faceting machine or cabbing wheels, I have played with rocks - - I look forward to seeing your polished pieces :slight_smile:

Hello all, I’m Cal. Been a member now for almost two weeks, so far loving the whole environment and all the people I’ve met.

Only recently moved to Brisbane, but I think I’m starting to settle in now so I thought it would be a good time for me to get into a HackerSpace and start working on some of the ideas a procrastinated for years…

I’m a IT Systems Architect for a job so feel free to talk to be about all things tech related, we can also partake in my favorite pastime, crapping on Microsoft.

Interests: Virtualization, Private/Public Cloud, Biohacking, Ceramics, Gaming, Dungeons & Dragons, Anime & Only the Highest Quality Memes

Looking to learn: All Things DigiFab, Woodworking, Metalworking, Welding, CNC/Laser Routing, Basic Electronics

Qualifications: :sparkles:Drinking Myself into an Early Death​:sparkles:

I’d love to work on some group projects with people so please feel free to reach out to me if there’s anything you think I could help with.

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Hi there, I’m a new member keen on woodwork. Having recently moved to Brisbane I have brought with me a collection of timber I have been hoarding for years and need to do something with it.

New to forums as well so not sure this is the right place to ask about inductions. I completed the table saw induction just after joining but was hoping to do the thicknesses and bandsaw. Hoping someone might be around this weekend 31/8-1/9 that could assist.

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Hi John, welcome to the space :slightly_smiling_face:

Usually on discord is the best place to ask if anyone is able to induct you on machinery. Unfortunately I won’t be able to help you this weekend, and I’m not entirely sure when I will be back at the space in the near future. There are a number of members that have been inducted on the bandsaw/planer that may be able to help though :slight_smile:

Hi everybody, I’m James and i’ve been a member for almost a month. I’ve met a lot of people, but have only now realised that this forum is a place that I should be watching if I want to get involved in any inductions or presentations that are coming up. I’m keeping myself busy with 3D printing for now, but i’m hoping to get involved with woodworking and electronics. I’m usually hanging around in the green room, but i pop into the woodshop from time to time hoping to learn something but I think they’re avoiding me ;^) Looking forward to meeting you all.

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Hi there,

My name is Kyia Bourne

I’m interested in 3d printing, craft and especially Woodworking.

I already know the basics of woodworking as taught to me in highschool. But haven’t been able to make use of this knowledge since graduating in '11 so may be a bit rusty.

Avid crafter always trying new things.

I know near nothing about 3d printing so I wanna learn that and combining with my crafting hobby to make figures for painting.

I’m currently a disability support worker with certificate 3 in aged care, disability, and certificate 3 in IT but that’s pretty outdated now haha.


My names Wraith
I enjoy resin crafting and woodworking and am looking forward to learning more about 3d printing. I currently run my own online shop and am hoping to learn new skill that allows me to expand my product base and quality. Im also a single parent of a 5 year old.

Wraith (they/them)

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Hey Everyone,

Im Shaun. I did have a project in mind, but something conspired to kill it off… im sure i think of other stuff.

Im interested in metal work, electronics and keen to get into 3d printing.

I work in High Voltage network management and control…so the idea of “playing” with electronics actually sounds like something that wont get me as dead as it would playing with the stuff at work.

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