Member Introductions

(Ryan Marple) #131

Well the one we made this year weight about 55kg, starts at about 1m tall and telescopes up to 3m tall. Here’s a quick rendering. I don’t have a video of the final robot and it’s currently in a crate on it’s way to Sydney.

(Hamish M) #132

Hello all,

My name is Hamish I joined up last week.

Interests: electronics prototyping and repair, beer, motorcycles, computer games, reconfigurable computing with FPGAs, image processing and computer vision, algorithm optimisation, beer.

Looking to learn: anything and everything, 3D printing seems fun and useful

Studying/Working: My day job is as a “Research Support Specialist” at QUT, it basically boils down to helping researchers interface with university computing resources i.e. HPC platform, data-acquisition and processing workflows, code optimisation etc. I’ve previously worked as an Electrical/Control System engineer at a few mine sites in the Pilbara. I’ve recently submitted my master’s thesis for examination and am looking to build some cool things with my new found free time.

Qualifications: Hopefully a M.Phil soon. B.Eng (Electrical).

(Fionn Volkov) #133

Hey folks! I’m Fionn (“fin” - it’s Irish) and i use they/them pronouns. I’ve been around since last year, but health stuff blew up suddenly. Now it’s more settled i’m hoping to get some stuff done (i have A Lot of ideas)!

Interests: Anything related to language, linguistics, literature and communication, systematising, organisation, needlework and sewing, basically anything i can make with my hands. My neurodivergence (i’m autistic and i have ADHD) means that software engineering and mathematics is really difficult so i tend to let more capable folks play with that!

Looking to learn: in the short term, woodworking and a little electronics. Long term i’d really like to forge my youngest sister a dagger for her 18th - she’s just turned 15, so i’ve a bit of time at least!

Studying/working: I’m disabled so i spend a lot of time creating. I do professional organising for 5ish hours a week, and i spend the rest of the week recovering. Chronic pain is a cruel master.

Qualifications: BFA creative and technical writing, BA linguistics is currently on hold.

(Max E Rayner) #134

Hey. I’m Max.

Interests: Metalworking, brazing/welding, bicycle frame building, bicycle design, espresso machine restoration.

Looking to learn: Oxy-acetylene torch brazing (lightweight chromoly steel tubes, brass fillets), milling, lathe turning, electronics, arduino programming.

Studying/Working: Currently on the job hunt,. Last stint was as a bicycle mechanic/shop manager and previously as a barista/espresso machine tech for a local coffee company.
Qualifications: Bachelor of engineering (Mechanical)

(Andrewm) #135

Max, I’d love to watch as you work on a bike frame. I’ve only made it as far as wheel building and have yet to do any frame building.