Monthly PCB Group Orders (JLPCB)


(Brendan Halliday) #1

So I’ve had a few conversations with people lately who are looking to make their own PCBs and get them ordered and it’s been suggested that we should all pool together for a group order to save on DHL costs.

So, putting this out here - who would be interested in a monthly PCB run via JLCpcb? @andrewm and myself have been using them quite a bit lately and their online EDA software is pretty good for beginners.

The first set of 10 50x50mm boards in each order would be $2.57 AUD with every one after that being $6.57 AUD so we’d probably just take the total cost of production and divide by however many sets of 10 boards or panels to even out the cost.

Shipping comes out to $25USD generally for DHL and since it’s DHL we’d be able to have a ‘Put in your order by Thursday to get it Tuesday’ type deal.

I’ve got a bunch of boards I’m spinning up for a bulk order soon, so who would be interested in this?

(Stuart Longland) #2

If we get enough… a full panel could be organised.

There are local PCB manufacturers here in Australia that will do a full panel reasonably cheaply, for example:

$260 ex GST for a 2-layer 180×260mm panel. This works out a lot cheaper than others like OSHPark. No idea how it compares with JLPCB… Google keeps wanting to show me JLCPCB.

But, the catch is we’ll probably have to do the panellising ourselves for this to be cost effective. The upside is we’re buying local, so shipping will be a lot less.

JLCPCB would do the same for US$26.16, and give us 5 panels of the same. Okay, JLCPCB it is. Okay, scratch my earlier comment. :slight_smile:

(Andrewm) #3



and the others can not be competed with on price.

They will deliver you completed and reasonable quality PCB boards for less than the cost of the dry film laminate would cost be outside of China.

(Stuart Longland) #4

Yeah, I have been using Smart Prototyping myself and found them to be quite reasonable … just don’t select their “Swiss Post” option… it’ll go from Hong Kong to Canada before it gets to Brisbane.

(Brendan Halliday) #5

Just poking this thread since I’ll be doing an order tonight.

If you want to get in on this, bring me gerbers and we can discuss how we’re splitting the shipping.

(Kavie) #6

I have used Seeedstudio PCB manufacturing for most of my PCB projects when the PCB size is less than or equal to 10cm x 10cm because for that PCB size the product and shipping fee would be very affordable.

(Brendan Halliday) #7

Hey guys,

I’ll be reviving this again in the new year, next group buy will be Jan 8, so have your designs ready by then.

Please feel free to poke me if you need help putting them together.