Panelling project

Hi everybody! I wanted to let you know how this project is going.
Last year I got a budget approved to start doing this, and now that has been fully executed.

The main objective behind this, is to to make the place look better while we improve the dust control and build a frame where we could eventually hang stuff (like cabinets for instance).

Big thanks to @Merujio and @Francis who have been helping me out to do this.
So far we had two intense working of 10 hour each, where we were doing the following:

  • Purchasing materials
  • Removing old panelling, fixing and all the debris that you can find inside this panelling
  • Cutting the new panelling on the cnc
  • Scribing and installing the new panels

Next time we will be installing the remaining pieces of panelling and planning next stages of the same project.

Now that we’ve optimized the process, next session will not be as intense and we will be dividing the steps in different days (Demolition, Cutting, framing and panelling).

Here’s some pics!

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Last bit of demo

Today we have removed the last bit of old “sheeting” that was on the shop. Here’s some pics. Big thanks to @Merujio and @Ryan2

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This weekend we did a soft demo on the “window” that goes between the woodshop and the metalshop. Then we put new framing and place a momentary sheeting to prevent cross contamination between the shops. Thanks to @JohnnyB @Ryan2 for the hardwork. Thanks @PhilJuric who put the signs and shadows boards back in place on the metal shop. Thanks Ben Jackson.
Thanks to @White who went and bought all the lengths of pine.

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